Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tightening Up My Loose Ends

Just some quick notes concerning this blog...

Ha (and, further unto that) Ha.

Some of you may have been wondering about the dispensation of the 10 (crummy) CDs, the prize from the Celtics contest. Dave, the actual winner, proved that he has a brain when he refused to accept the prize. I offered the 10 (crummy) CDs to the runner-up, Burning Sky, and he showed a startling lack of intelligence, saying he'd take them. They're shipping to him even as I write this. If you find yourself in New Jersey someday, and you hear a whole bunch of crummy music, chances are it will be his place you're near. Or possibly Jon Bon Jovi's.

Speaking of crummy music, I would have liked to have added actual recordings of Live Wire cum Powerline in the body of yesterday's piece, but I truly have no idea how to put music into a blog entry. If you are a fellow Blogger user - or a blogger who used to use Blogger - and you have the know-how on the way to include music in a post, please give me simple (yet as detailed as possible, since I'm much dumber than I sometimes make myself out to be here) instructions on how to do so. I'd truly appreciate it, maybe enough to promise that you will never receive a shipment of 10 (crummy) CDs from me.

The following will mean nothing to anyone except one particular reader, and maybe not even her: Hello, Miriam! I believe it was Jesus who said, "Ask and ye shall receive." Of course, he probably didn't mean, "Ask Jack Atton whether it was him I was writing about and then Jack will relay the story to me and ye, Miriam, shall receive mention in a stupid blog", but that's only because the internet hadn't been invented then. Even if it had, Judas probably would have been the only one interested.

Oh, just to set everyone's mind at ease, I'll tell you that there will be no more blogs about the Celtics until at least October. That is, so long as I find enough other stuff to write about. And you know me. I can get 1,500 words out of finding a rock in my shoe, so you shouldn't have too much to worry about.

Anything else? No, nothing comes immediately to mind. Of course, that's always the case with me, so no big surprise. As soon as I publish this, I'll think of 7 or 8 other things I should have mentioned. By the time I get around to writing about them, you'll be safe at some other blog far, far away.

By the way, if this were a football blog, the title could have been "Loosening Up My Tight Ends." It's not, though, so it isn't.

Soon, with more better stuff, Miriam.

(Notes courtesy of Happy Note!)


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud to be mentioned in your blog! As I told Jack, I'm a huge fan. Excuse me while I go bask in your reflected glory...

Hilary said...

I've never added music to my blog.. just videos and that seems to work differently. There a wealth of information out there
though and hopefully you can find your answer within those pages because I'd sure love to hear how you sounded. :)

Failing that, if you have an mpg of your music and a few more photos, I could help you out with making a video - kind of like the one I did
for my son's birthday.

Janet said...

One of my Janet friends posted a clip of her singing on her Planet.

Here's her post.

Here's the clip from esnips.

Now, i have NO CLUE how this might work.
Obviously, she does, because she did it. But maybe esnips has instructions.

Hopefully this was helpful. If not, I have just wasted a considerable amount of comment space.

As if that were unusual.

Janet said...

So are you ever going to tell us the titles of the 10 (crummy) CDs or do we have to go directly to Burning Sky? I'm just curious to see if I have any of them.

Of course, if I do, I'm not telling.

SandraRee said...

You had Jon Bon Jovi's music in those CD's?!!!

Sul...I would have paid better attention to this contest if I had known that. I named one of my boys after him.

Can't help you out on adding your own music to your blog...Hilary's comments sound pretty good. :)

lime said...

best i can do is add a youtube video but if someone tells you how to add just music and you figure it out how about a tutorial post?

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Very happy for the Celtics; now we just have to get to work in making the Bruins winners again, too.
I have no help to offer on adding music.
I must say, you have a wonderful sense of humor. Please help to keep us smiling.
Peace, Judi

Suldog said...

Miriam - I'm thinking of changing the blog name to "Miriam's World Of Suldog!" No, relax, just kidding. I'm very grateful for the compliment, though. Thank you!

Hilary - Looks like good information. Whether a dope like me will be able to make use of it is another story. I'll try, and thank you.

Janet - I can tell you some of the artists, but as soon as I wrapped the package, I forgot most of the titles. Artists included:

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
The Sweet
Hog Leg
The Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra

and, of course, 4 others.

Sandra - No, no Bon Jovi in the crummy CDs. I don't own any Bon Jovi, nor do I ever expect to. I don't care for him, myself. However, as I've said before, I have spectacularly horrible tastes in music, so my not liking him probably speaks well of him.

Lime - I don't even know the slightest thing about this subject, but now you want me to write a tutorial concerning it? You are cruel, lady.

Judi - You think I'm funny? What the hell did I say that was funny? I'm deadly serious, just like professional wrestling.

And, by the way, I think I'm getting a swell head from having nothing but lovely ladies commenting here. Either I'm terribly sexy or you all feel I need mothering. I'm believing the former, no matter what you say.

John-Michael said...

OK ... enough with the tease! I am anxiously awaiting those intimated 1,500 words on said rock in said shoe. This I REALLY want to read!

In anticipation ...

Anonymous said...


I *think* (dangerous territory, I know...) that you can take your music, rip it, and convert it to an mp3...

Then you can post it, using instructions found HERE




PS: Disclaimer - I have not tried the method outlined HERE
so proceed at your own risk.

PSS: LMK if it works, and I shall rush right over to listen to your melodious tuneiferous offerings.

PSSS: the sound a snake makes...

Jeni said...

So, 1500 words on finding a rock in your shoe huh? And I'm betting you're probably the only person I can think of who could write about something like that and turn it into a really interesting piece too!

Chris Stone said...

you don't need sound you need video... illustrating allegro!

Thought of your bloggisself the other day in the library. I unavoidably listen to a couple of guys retalk the 5 minute post game of the winning game... I mean i scanned a whole wall of titles while these guys went on and on like so-n-so did this and that and what-should-a whatever.

But it was fun. Thanks for the involvement!

Janet said...

Ah. Well, I may have heard of Panacea, but that could just be the power of suggestion.

Jeni said...

Oh -speaking of "loose ends" stop by my place and pick up an award I have there waiting for you!

Dianne said...

I've come by from Jeni's place. I can't believe I missed all the Celtics posts!!

I love Boston teams which is a bit risky since I live in NY - well NJ - but I haven't accepted that yet - and I'm a Yankees fan and when I practically cried for the Red Sox fans who waited 86 years everyone around me wanted to kill me.

I love your style of writing - very conversational and fun.


Unknown said...

Congratulations to Matt, can't wait to read his review of the cd's although you did fair warn him so maybe we won't get one after all.

What if you upload the music to YouTube with some photo of you rocking on bass as the "video" then you can add that link right to blogger...???

Michelle H. said...

All I know about audio in a blog is that you have to upload the file to a host server, or make it into a podcast and stream it on your blog. It will appear like a mini-player on the screen. You don't have to add any video to it. (Interesting enough, I came across a blog which shows what the player looks like. Just scroll down the posts and you will see it.)

There are many hosting sites to choose from, but I don't have any clue if the services are free. Here is the article in Blogger that talks about it.

Yes, I realize I'm asking a man to read an instruction manual. Oh...the paradox!

Hilary said...

MLH, give him some credit.. he asked for directions, didn't he? ;)

Michelle H. said...

Hilary, Yes. He did. I'll give him points for that. LOL!