Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pre-Game Stuff

A few thoughts, and a couple of links for you, prior to game four of the Celtics - Lakers series.

Credit where credit is due: The Lakers have provided the classiest "opening ceremonies" of any team in the league during the playoffs this year, including my Celtics. Whereas every other team beat their own drum, with video highlights and over-the-top histrionics - computerized graphics showing the slicing and dicing of the other team's logo with a sword, for instance - Los Angeles opted for clips of the Celtics - Lakers rivalry that probably showed more Celtic highlights than Laker highlights. I have a lot of respect for that organization. Despite the shallow Tinseltown rep, they do it right.

Having said that, it IS Tinseltown. Therefore, they dragged out the flavor-of-the-month to sing the anthem before game three. David Cook? He did a creditable job, but c'mon! We gave you James Taylor for game one and The Boston Pops for game two. With all of the star power available to you, you give us the guy who won American Idol the day before yesterday? You don't have someone with a bit more history to represent your city? For shame.

For those wishing a little behind-the-scenes look at the playoff experience, here is Rajon Rondo's blog.

Lots of good discussion, and links to other stuff, at CelticsBlog.

The official team website is

I'll see you tomorrow with some post-game stuff.


P.S. Since originally posting this, I came across the following, which is magnificent and deserves wide dissemination. Enjoy.

Powe-etry In Motion

See you tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I think that is the thing about LA, if it isn't hot now then who cares?

Had to re-read your post a couple times though, I swear it said Dane Cook and I was thinking the last time I heard him sing was in High School and how scary it must have been lol.

lime said...

glad to hear they had a classy opening ceremony. very cool.

Rooster said...

I love that photo of KG! Sometimes I think he really looks like that inside.

K.C. said...

Very nice. Just hopping over. Great blog. Great post today. Enjoyed it.. KC

Michelle H. said...

Thanks for stopping by my place, and for the link love.

I had to stop by yours to check things out (actually, I've been in the neighborhood for the past two weeks, sitting on the bench, watching through the fence at the big dogs playing hoops and scoring points...I mean leaving comments.)

Janet said...

James Taylor AND the Pops?
I'm moving to Boston.

Um, remind me who David Cook is again?

Powe-try in motion is great. I am a big fan of Poe the first.

Kevin Smith said...

Thanks for the props and sending people my way. And thanks to Janet - I like to think Poe the first would have appreciated that (I like to think it, don't know that I really believe it...but I like to think it).

Buck said...

Good Luck tonite!

Balcony Gal said...

David Cook made me want to puke! Seriously, it was lame. But the big curtain falling down around the jumbotron and the video...goosebumps. I think the rivalry thing is a bit played out at this point but I could only hope that being THAT up close and personal would inspire the boys in green. Can't wait to see what they show us tonight!!!

SandraRee said...

David Cook?!! Nooooo

They should have invited David Archuleta instead.

heh heh

Go Celtics!

Chris Stone said...



the announcers called it for the Lakers in the first quarter. I think I'm now qualified to be a NBA announcer as well as the CEO of general motors. (like gas prices wouldn't rise?)

Rooster said...

Oh MAN! I joined the game mid way through the 1st quarter, and thought "damn - not our night". But, I stuck with it and watched every minute, and they were AWESOME!