Friday, June 27, 2008


In more ways than one.

Due to the kind assistance provided by many of you, I think I've learned how to embed a music file into my posts. The main culprit was Hilary. I followed the instructions she gave me. So, if what you hear makes you violently ill - or just plain violent - blame her.

These are two songs by Live Wire, aka Powerline, the band I told you about earlier this week. I was the bass player. I was also a co-conspirator in the realm of songwriting.

I could just let these tunes sink or swim on their own merits, but I feel the need to say a couple of things concerning them, so here goes.

FLASHBACK was one of three sides we recorded in an actual recording studio with an actual producer using an actual mixing board and actual sound effects. And, actually, I think the production sucks. It's clean, but that's not always a plus. We were a very powerful group in a live setting, but he had us record at a much lower volume than we usually played at, pretty much turning heavy metal (with some bit of punk sensibilities) into relatively weak-ass power pop. In particular, he said, "Jimi, give me your bass for a minute. Now, where are the balls on this instrument? Oh, here they are..." *snip* *snip*

In order to give you a truer sense of how the group sounded, I'm also including a live cut. The sound quality is fairly execrable, as it was recorded on a cheap hand-held tape recorder. It has also been transferred since then, so has the added annoyance of one generation's worth of tape hiss. No matter. LANCE ROMANCE is easily accessible, being a fairly straightforward blues rocker. It opens with a short bass riff, so you'll notice the difference in tone and timbre immediately. LANCE is not safe for work, by the way. It is about sex, lust, and sex & lust. Therefore, of course, it was one of our most popular concert staples. I'm going to type out the lyrics here so you can follow along. If you're easily offended - or perhaps have a thing about good English - you'll be mortified.

I gave her a glance
We started to dance
We had a romance
Deep in the heart of France
I was in a trance
As she pulled down my pants
I stuck out my lance
I gave her no chance

I met her in town
I said, "Look what I found!"
I looked all around
As I pulled up her gown
She made a strange sound
We lay on the ground
And as we got down
She said, "Too profound!"

Lance Romance
Keep it in your pants
I say Lance Romance
Won't you give them girls a chance?

I seen her last night
By the streetlight
She said she might
If I was polite
I said, "Well, shit, outasight!"
The moment was right
We couldn't go slight
We fucked all night!

Lance Romance
Keep it in your pants
I say Lance Romance
Won't you give them girls a chance?

Cole Porter, eat your heart out!

Now, I've followed the instructions on how to embed the tunes, but I don't see anything showing here that would lead me to believe I've been successful. However, I've also directly linked the titles to the website where I've stored them, so just go there, play them, and have your earwax assaulted.

See you Monday.


lime said...

*sniff* that is so poetic and beautiful

Balcony Gal said...

bwaahahhahhahha. That is just fantastic is a ridiculous sort of way. My mind just had to go there and giggle at the fact that I listened to this on a thing called box. Oh, for shame. bwaahahahahaha

SandraRee said...

Oh, you were very successful, Sul! Sounds like the 70's rock and roll that I loved and rocked to all night long. And who listened to the words back then? It's a shame you didn't have a visual with the music. Man, y’all were rockin'!

Once a groupie, always a groupie. ;)

John-Michael said...

Can't believe that You discovered a way to bring Lime to tears. Such a tender moment! [smile]

I am totally with You SulDog ... that 'producer' completely gelded the lofe out of Flashback. But WOW! ... how I did enjoy (and repeat the enjoyment a few more times) the Lance Romance (not failing to note the identity of the playing device.) Well done Jim! That was so very cool of you to go to all of that trouble to share this treat. Great fun!

Buck said...

Cole Porter, eat your heart out!

Probably a good thing ol' Cole has gone off to his reward, eh? ;-)

I couldn't get the player to work at the linked site, so I downloaded both tunes (and you're now resident on my hard drive, for better or worse). Mebbe it's the harp, but "Lance Romance" reminds me of another Boston band, who might have been one of your contemporaries, no? Time-wise, at least.

Good stuff, Jim. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It is truly unfortunate for us that the link you provided actually worked.

Cath said...

Now fancy letting a good Christian girl like me listen to and read words like that...

Tut tut tut.
*Shakes head* (in time to the beat...)

BurningSky said...

Speaking of musical entries, I just received my 10 shitty CDs in the mail, and HOLY SHIT, these are shitty. Thanks for the laughs..:-)

Michelle H. said...

Outasight! Too Profound!

Oh. Wow. The lyrics themselves left me stunned...and giggling in a naughty way. This is going to leave a lasting impression on me, for better or worse...I don't think I can decide.

Ali P said...

Those lyrics...Shakespeare, Milton, Tennyson, Pound...all would be thrilled to achieve such..such...whats the word I'm looking for..?
Lets just says I have no words.;oD

Chris Stone said...

I'm, ah, speechless...?!

hehehehe.... sounds like fun. I agree with sandra... where's the visual?

Anonymous said...

Loved both of 'em - only wish I could have heard them live and in person!

Hilary said...

Fun stuff, Sully... I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks too for the linkage. I'm glad you got it to work.

Jeni said...

AH, someone's a poet and don't know it but the feet show it, cause they're Longfellows!
A fun read, as usual.

Janet said...

If I had been in college in Boston, I could have been a groupie. And believe me, I would have been (I went all over the place in Memphis and Nashville listening to bands).

As I listened (and danced) to these (the links worked on my computer too, much to my shock, since little else works lately), I felt like I was right in the bar, complete with people fighting behind me and some naked guy trying to pull down my pants.

Of course, there's no booze, no cigarettes, the fighting was my 2 kids, and the naked guy is my 2-year-old son who refuses to put on clothes.

So maybe not quite the same thing.

But it's a shame that one guy decided to go to college.