Thursday, February 21, 2008

No More Baldfaced Lies

Two weeks ago, I decided to put an end to it. Every day, it was the same damn thing: I'd put myself in hot water and then have to scrape to get out. Well, enough is enough. I will never do it again. I'm tired of the same old Schick!

I have quit shaving, forever.

This should come as no great surprise to those of you who saw this previous blowing off of steam. I've always hated shaving.

(OK, no lie: I enjoyed it for about the first year or so. That was only because I started growing my beard earlier than most of the kids with whom I hung out - and they were mostly a year older than I was, too. It was one of the few things concerning maturity that I could brag on. And, of course, you don't start growing a beard unless other things have started to grow, so it was a fun year all around. However, we don't want to get into that digression, do we? No, I didn't think so.)

Shaving sucks. It's time consuming, slightly painful, costs money, presents the possibility of slicing your face open like a ripe melon, and it makes you look stupid. If you don't believe that last one, just check out these pictures.

Are you seriously going to try and tell me that I look better without a beard?

Soon, with more better stuff.

(P.S. Balcony Gal [see comments] was absolutely right. The non-bearded photo did make me look like an old pervert. Well, what can I say? I am old. In any case, I have now replaced it with a photo that makes me look like... well, still an old pervert. Not much I can do about it, I guess. I think the problem lies in the fact that I'm fully-clothed in the photo on the right and not so much in the other. Oh, well.)

(P.P.S. Tip o' the hat to Fat Hairy Bastard for inspiration.)

10 comments: said...

Keep the're scarring the dog! said...

You're scaring her too!

Rhea said...

The beard looks good.

Balcony Gal said...

yes, yes, keep the beard. That last picture is too "dirty old man." Eww. You'd scare a lot of dogs.

lime said...

hey, at least you don't have to shave your legs, and armpits, and wax your upper lip and pluck yer eyebrows, and deal with the bikini area as well. men, y'all don't have any idea how easy you have it. :P

i've always been a fan of beards on men anyway so i like it.

Stu said...

Y'know, you promised no more photos of yourself. I now have to go to Radio Shack to buy a soldering iron to permanently blind myself. Thanks.

Michael Leggett said...

You look better with the beard, Sul.

Kaylee did keep in contact with my blog up to about 2 weeks ago & told me that she wasn't feeling well;

No one knew that she was in the 2nd Stage of Mestastic Osteosarcoma & that it may have reached her lungs

Buck said...

I've worn beards off and on for the last 20 or so years, but I still have to shave the sparser areas. Still and even: I like the beard vs. the naked-face alternative.

And just what is the problem with Old Perverts? I happen to know some Old(er) Ladies who LIKE Ol' Perverts... ;-)

CapCity said...

U R NUTZZZZ!!! Of course i mean that lovingly! I've always preferred men w/ facial hair - that way they don't focus on mine! LOL! Seriously, the beard is quite nice!

But, I'm w/ Lime - men have it SO EAZEE in the hygiene dept.! As long as a man is clean & smells pretty fresh - we'll TAKE 'em! ;-)

thanx again for coming thru my spot & ranting;-). I also enjoyed hearing your voice message - didn't u say u did voice overs & such? U sound like a radio announcer, SulDog!

Suldog said...

To answer Cap City's question, yes, I do voice-overs and commercial productions for a living.