Friday, October 26, 2007

Can This Get Any Better?

The Contest

The Entries & The Prize

ROCKIES - 1 5 0
RED SOX - 2 6 1

Total for game two - 15

Total for the World Series, thus far - 52

The totals for a complete series, if this pattern continues?

4 games = 104
5 games = 130
6 games = 156
7 games = 182

So, how are YOU doing?

I'm doing swell, myself. Last night was about as good a night as I've ever had as a sports fan. Not only did the Red Sox take a commanding 2 games to one lead in the World Series, but the Boston College Eagles remained undefeated. They beat Virginia Tech, 14 - 10, in an absolutely thrilling finish.

I was wearing out my remote control flipping back and forth between the two games, but I was glued to the Eagles game for the final 3 minutes. They trailed, 10 - 0, with about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to play. Matt Ryan had looked very pedestrian in the first 55 minutes of the game, and I was gearing myself up for a defeat. I was consoling myself with thoughts of how lucky we Bostonians were to have the Red Sox in the World Series, and the Patriots undefeated, and the Celtics with a rosy outlook, and the Bruins winning again. How sad could I be if BC lost a game? How much right did I have to be sorrowful when the rest of my plate was so full?

And then, in an amazing finish - and the best argument I've yet seen for Ryan winning the Heisman Trophy - the Eagles scored two touchdowns in the space of about two minutes, savagely killing the buzz of the Virginia Tech home crowd and leaving them stunned and silent.

My plate remains overflowing.

Tonight, I get to see the Celtics in person. My friend and co-worker, Dan Nelson, has a season ticket package that he bought along with his wife, Mandy. She is otherwise tied up this evening, so Dan invited me to accompany him to a pre-season game against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. It should be a lot of fun. I wish I had a big poster of LeBron wearing his Yankees cap.

(For those who didn't see it, let me tell you what LeBron did to diss his fans in Cleveland. While the Cleveland Indians were playing the Yankees in the playoffs a couple of weeks back, LeBron showed up in the stands at Jacobs Field (the Cleveland home ballpark) sporting a Yankees cap on his head.

What a dick! Sure, he's entitled to root for whomever he desires. If he's a Yankees fan, more power to him. But you don't show up in a gathering of 40,000 of your most ardent supporters wearing the colors of the enemy. That's just overwhelmingly stupid. Not to mention that many Indians players had shown up at HIS games in support, and none of them wore San Antonio Spurs gear.

If I was a resident of Cleveland, I'd boo the guy out of town. Thankfully, I'm not a resident of Cleveland.)

Anyway, there's a possibility that the World Series could end over the weekend. If so, I'll be back on Monday to announce the winner of the contest. If you entered, you should click onto the little Red Sox cap over there on the left and pick out the prize you'd like, should you be lucky enough to be the winner.

(I personally feel that the Rockies will take one of the two weekend games, and we'll have to wait until Monday for a winner. We'll see.)

Have a great weekend.


David Sullivan said...

I am bleary eyed, but have a grin from ear to ear, like the cat that ate the canary. F-State game will be oh, so, sweet!!!!

YOUR WIFE's brother said...

re: Cleveland

Yeah Lebron's probably a jerk,and I'm also grateful I don't live in Cleveland (or anywhere in Ohio), but I wouldn't mind visiting. You should check out Tony Bourdain's "NO RESERVATIONS" episode. It makes a strong argument in favor of the culinary and pop culture pleasures of the place. Something called skyline chili four-way looks really tasty.

On a related note, regular readers of this blog might be shocked as to learn who else has been known to sport a Skankees cap, much to the chagrin of his companions...

Suldog said...

Cuz - Yup. We've got tix to one of the hottest games on the Boston sports calendar. Indeed - Sweet!

YWb - I suffocated that cat long ago, so don't try letting it out of the bag now.

YOUR WIFE's Brother said...


You mean YOU wore a yankees hat???

I swear, I was talking about Tom Brady...and if anybody believes, that, there's a bridge near my apartment you might wanna buy

Suldog said...

Um, did I say I wore a Yankees cap? Did I? Huh? All I said was that I killed a metaphorical cat. Beyond that, I take the fifth.

Anonymous said...

You are oficially disowned by the family. All relatives are rolling in theor graves. A Yaknees Cap? Get to confession!

Suldog said...

Did you hear me SAY that I wore a Yankees cap? No, of course not. That's mainly because this is a blog and it's written. If you DID hear me say it, that would be troubling.

Further accusations will be met with similar obfuscation.

CapCity said...

just coming thru to say hey to my blog-fam & thanx for the luv;-)

Merisi said...

I am seeing red red red!

ANA said...

It seems like he lost a bet actually. That's my first guess. He can not possibly be that stupid.

Also, that wasn't a picture of me. I don't include pictures of me because the anonymity enables me to write without censoring myself.

Stu said...

Go Sox!!!!

Merisi said...

Oh my Sox!