Wednesday, October 24, 2007

As Promised, And You Need To Hurry!

A short time ago, I told you that I would have a contest of some sort once I reached the magic threshold of Google.

(That sounds like some sort of Dungeons & Dragons thing, doesn't it?)

Yesterday, my account passed $100. I should be receiving a check by the end of November - at least, according to the Google Ad Sense website. So, in accordance with my promise, I will have a contest of some sort for you to possibly share in my overwhelming success as a writer.

("Overwhelming" being herein defined as "underwhelming.")

Being the slug that you've come to know and love, I have not given any thought to just exactly what the contest will consist of, nor what the actual prize will be, or anything other than getting you to come back here again tomorrow.

So, please come back tomorrow. Maybe I'll have it all doped out by then.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox begin the World Series tonight - weather permitting - and...


OK, here's the contest. You will only have a slim window of opportunity to enter, so make it good.

What is your prediction for the total runs, hits, and errors - by both teams combined - in the World Series this year?

You must leave your prediction in the comments section. You must do so no later than 6am Eastern Time, Thursday, in the United States. This means that you can even wait until the first game has already been played, and then make your best guess. However, in the event of a tie, the person who posted their guess earliest will be the winner.

For those of you reading me from a foreign land, and thus unfamiliar with baseball scoring, I will give you a general idea of what you may need to guess. Every baseball game ends with a score similar to the following:

BOSTON - 7 12 0
NEW YORK - 2 5 1

The first number following the name of the team is the runs, which is really the only thing that matters. That's how you decide a winner. In this case, Boston would have beaten New York by the score of 7 - 2.

The second number is the hits accumulated by each team. In this case 17 total.

The third number is the errors; the fielding mistakes. In this case, 1 between both teams.

So, the total runs, hits, and errors, for this single game? 27. I would guess the normal range is from about 15 to 45. Lower and higher are certainly possible.

The World Series will be either 4, 5, 6, or 7 games in length. You do NOT have to predict the number of games it will last. However, it probably should figure into your guess. If you think the series will last seven game, a guess of 80 would probably be too low. If you think it will be a four game sweep, 210 would most likely be extremely high.

(I hope I've made it fairly clear. That's as much explanation as I'm willing to give.)

So, there you have it! Take a stab and have a rooting interest of sorts in the World Series, even if you don't know a baseball bat from a vampire bat.

I'll compile all of the guesses tomorrow and put them out here for everyone to see. Remember, deadline is 6am, Eastern Time, United States, Thursday, October 25th. Any guess posted after that time will be ineligible. Only one entry per reader, please. Good Luck!

I'll tell you the prize tomorrow.


Stu said...

The last time I entered a contest like this, I jinxed myself and there were repercussions of some magnitude. Much as I'd like to, I shall politely decline this offer, and instead, wish the Red Sox the best of luck.

Also, I clicked on one of your google ads yesterday, as a show of support. I figure if I do that at least once a day, that may make a difference.

Charlie W said...

I would say 115 hits, 62 runs, 3 errors. So 180 Total. I am in!

David Sullivan said...

40 runs, 75 hits, 5 errors = 120 Sox in 5.

Tara said...

I'll go:
37 runs, 107 hits, 7 errors

Pete said...

Red Sox 47-30-4

Yankees, er,Indians, um, Cardinals, ah, Rookies, no no, ah oh gosh, Rockies right? 35-22-6

Pete said...

See I never read things completely, so here's my totals,
82-52-10. By the way, call me as soon as I win the tickets for Thursday's game because I need to find someone to go with me.

Suldog said...

You people are being needlessly specific! Just the TOTAL is all I need. I suppose if it comes down to a tie, I'll consider the person who got closest via the individual stats the winner, though.

Suldog said...

Jason, who informs me that he cannot post because he views my blog from his phone, has guessed 165.

Magazine Man said...

I'm terrible at anything involving numbers, but just cos it's the Sox, and just cos it's you asking, I'll take a game stab and throw out the number 146. I don't care if I win, I just care if THEY win.

Go Sox!!

Brian in Oxford said...


Karl C said...

45 runs, 90 hits, 7 errors, for a total of 142.

Kuanyin said...

Suldog...I'm going to confer with my baseball savvy partner before entering your contest. I quizzed him to name the number of games between the Red Sox and Indians for the website Predictify( their link is on my site), and he said 6....but he was wrong. So I don't know how good he is at all this, but nevertheless, I'll pick his brain and get back to you with his insights. I hope you don't mind that it's not me. If this is a problem and I'm disqualified, at least you will know I'm supporting you! Congrats!

Peter N said...

Hey's Peter N. I'll let the Sox do their work, instead of guessing. I hope these next 8 days are unforgettable. I KNOW they will be! For both of us!

Michael Leggett said...

For The Red Sox, I say 23 Runs & 37 Hits:

For The Rockies, it's 13 Runs on 27 Hits;

Based on a 5 Game Series

Dave said...


Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

83 - Go Red Sox!

The Omnipotent Q said...


Mushy said...

Sorry to say I haven't watched the first baseball game this year...haven't even visited the Smokies team near here.

Anything I would offer would be a pure guess!

Emon said...

Hmmm...I love prediction games. Even more if I don't understand what I'm predicting about. Will be back.

Pierce said...

53 runs, 97 hits, 5 errors = 155

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Jeez, I'm scared to answer in case I actually win. I just know you've got some booby-prize lined up..

Ah, what the hell, here goes then.


Michal said...

112, and i'll root for the red sox just because of you (and because i don't have a particular team that i'm a fan of these days.)
hope that prize is good!

Barbara said...


Rebecca said...

Wow, this is tough since I dont know much about the Rockies outside of what the WEEI and ESPN types are telling me. I'm hoping that it's a low count on the Rockies end of things.

And, might I add - I suck at math.

Red Sox overall:

31 - 53 - 5

I'm thinking this may be rather conservative, but what the heck.

Tyler said...

47 runs 120 hits.....sox dont commit a lot of errors....unless you hit it to Manny.....and then there is the Buckner Factor. Lets say 6 which is also the number of games it will take the Sox to win it all.

Melinda said...

Okay, I don't know jack about baseball, but since it's a contest of yours, Sully, I can't resist.

My number is 123.

And (also just cause I like ya):
Go Red Sox!


connie/mom said...

These are Bill's figures:

Runs Hits Errors
Red Sox 31 50 3
Rockies 14 34 1


Me, I'm much too lazy to go to all that work. I'll just throw in a figure that looks good to me.

Merisi said...

134 :-)
You go, Sox!

Merisi said...

Red Sox 13, Rockies 1.
Now I am wide awake! :-)))

Anali said...

Here goes nothing. I predict 146 total.


Sharfa said...

I am a day late and a dollar short (as usual). Well, actually 2 hours late since I just got Jim's note this morning, and thus ineligible for prizedom. I'll take a guess just for fun - 195.

Go Sox!!!!