Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holiday Party Pictures

As semi-promised yesterday, more pictures from the Marketing Messages holiday party.

No, that's not me above. It's the 18th hole. Get your ball in the evil clown's mouth and you get a hole-in-one. You also get a hole-in-one if you get it all the way to the back on either side of the evil clown's head. It is a rather simple hole. However, I managed to ricochet my ball off of the back wall and have it return down the ramp to the tee. I had to take a 2. Pitiful.

(Greg, the boss's son, offered me five bucks if I would just rear back and drive the ball through one of the evil clown's eyes. I declined. If I knew then that I was going to end up taking a 2 on the hole anyway, I might have done it.)

These pictures were all taken by Rich Snider a.k.a. The Boss. Therefore, he doesn't appear in any of them. Next party, I've got to remember to commandeer the camera so that some photos get taken of him. It seems a shame that he chronicles all of our good times but doesn't show up in any of the photos himself.

There are also no photos of his wife, Lynda. I suspect that this is because she's probably like MY WIFE. On the rare occasions when I've had a disposable camera, she always makes horrible faces when I point the thing at her, saying, "Aaargghh! Don't take any pictures of me!" The sad thing is that she's easily 100 times more photogenic than I am and I'm the exact opposite, in that you can't possibly take enough pictures of me to satisfy my ego.

To get things off to a magnificently cute start, we have Birdie Nelson. As an added bonus, we have her mom, Mandy.

MY WIFE and I actually bought that outfit as a present for Maggie, Birdie's big sister, a couple of Christmasses ago. Maggie is 2 now and we we're glad to see that it got another use.

Why, here's Maggie now! I wish they had given me that club to use. It might have cut a stroke or two from my score.

Here's Dan, father of the extremely cute Maggie & Birdie.

Here is MY WIFE, resplendent in Christmassy-Hollified shirt and gold shoes.

This is Greg, the guy who tried to hire me as a clown hitman. If he'd offered me ten bucks instead of five, I probably wouldn't have hesitated.

This is Greg's fiance, Heather.

Here's Alyson, on the left, along with Heather Scafati. Heather (not to be confused with Heather) occupies the office directly to my right, unless you're in my office and facing out because then it's on the left. In any case, she's next door. Pity her.

This is Tara, no doubt telling me that no matter what happens here on the golf course, she's going to kick my ass in air hockey. And so she did. No, wait a minute. That's my arm in the background on the right, so she can't be talking to me. So, it appears that she's telling someone else that she'll kick their ass.

Oh, OK, here's a nicer picture of Tara, along with her nice son, Dallas.

Here's some wino.

Here's some more cuteness.

And here's The End. See you soon. *

* If Tara doesn't kick my ass.


Suldog said...

Tara pointed out to me that, in the picture where she is pointing, she is actually arguing for her hole-in-one into the wrong hole to count.

She hasn't kicked my ass yet, but she says the day is still young.

Tara said...

And I still say it shouldn't matter which hole it goes in!! In mini golf anyway :)

Stu Mark said...

I hope you take this the right way.... Your Wife looks a little like my sister, whom I share a deep bond.

She also looks like a famous actress, but the name is failing me. It'll come to me after I close this comment.

Barbara said...

Looks like you all had fun, even the cute little Nelsons.

Michelle H. said...

Wow! That's looks like fun! I only went minature golfing once in my life, at a little place set up the local mall (they tore down the mall and stuck in parking for a Walmart.) Wish I could hit the course again.