Friday, January 05, 2018

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

As some of you already know - and the rest are about to find out, and would have somewhat sooner if I hadn't interrupted with this - MY WIFE and I celebrate Christmas on January 6th.

"January 6th? Why is that?", some of you say.

"Because we are traditionalists," we reply.

January 6th, otherwise known as Little Christmas or Epiphany, is the date given, in some Christian tradition, as the day the Three Wise Men (or Three Kings, or Magi) visited the infant Jesus and presented their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

(I assume Mary and Joseph appreciated the thought, and maybe especially the gold, but what an infant would do with such things is beyond me.)

Aside from historicity, celebrating on January 6th allows us to reserve our holiday best for other relatives and friends on or around December 25th. We are less harried and hurried during the days when most Americans are collapsing from fatigue. We have a spectacularly relaxed personal celebration on the 6th, reserved exclusively for the two of us.

(For those with an eye for bargains, it also allows one to pick up various Christmassy doo-dads and ephemera at cut-rate prices. Stores remove all vestiges of commercial xmas* trappings immediately after the 24th, moving on to Valentines Day and other more profit-driven concerns. That's not a huge incentive for us to celebrate 'late', but it is there and may be of use to you, if you wish.)

Our celebration may end up being a bit less than usual. With the huge snowstorm that hit the Boston area on Thursday, travel is a little harder. Roddy The Wondercar sits at the far end of our 70-foot-or-so driveway, which we share with our upstairs neighbors who have two cars, and there is much snow and other autos between him and freedom, so we may not get to go out to dinner for Little Christmas as we like to do. Oh, well. There are worse things that could be happening.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Soon, with more better stuff.

* I refuse to capitalize something that has nothing to do with the true spirit of the holiday.

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