Sunday, November 06, 2016

Visual Aids

Here are some photographs of places in Boston. After you look at them, I'll tell you why they're here.

Oriental Theater, exterior, Mattapan
[photo from Cinema Treasures and credited to Jeff Felder]

Oriental Theater, interior

 The silos, where they stored cocoa beans, at Baker's Chocolate in Dorchester.
[photo from Dorchester Athenaum]

  Gilbert Stuart elementary school, Dorchester (NOT Milton, as given on the photo)

 Library a half-block from the school, which can be glimpsed to the left
 (and also a police station at one time, which I just now learned!)
[photo from Pinterest, Rosanne Foley]

 The Elevated, shown here between Egleston and Green.
[photo by Joel Shanus, from]

So, why have I shown you all of these things? Because they are all mentioned in my piece published in the Boston Herald today and I figured some visual aids would help in your enjoyment when you read it (which I trust you will now do, since I've shown you all of these groovy photos.)

Here's a link to the Boston Herald website! And I thank you for visiting both here and there.

Soon, with more better stuff.


The Broad said...

The library, primary school and corner of your high school all look remarkably like those I grew up with in Torrington, Connecticut!

messymimi said...

Hurricane Katrina took away a lot of the magic i grew up with. It's memorialized in a song called "Ain't Dere No More" by Benny Grunch.

Shammickite said...

That. my dear Jim, is an inspired article and I hope the faithful readers of the BH will appreciate it. We have all lost neighbourhoods that were magical to us. The house that my dad built and I grew up in is no longer there. BTW, nice to read something that is Clinton-and-Trump free.

It' said...

Ah, "progress" ~ thou art a spiteful bitch sometimes, lol.

Daryl said...