Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

I love the Fourth of July. That's because I love this country.

Sure, we have our problems. We're far from perfect. There are, however, no perfect countries now or ever, so a lack of perfection doesn't bother me too much. We've done fairly well in perpetuating freedoms of one sort or another for 240 years. Our ideals sometimes outdistance our reality, but our hearts are usually in the right place.

Anyway, in honor of Independence Day, I have a column in the Boston Herald that tells you many of the things I like about this land. Nay, that I love about this land! 100 things, to be exact. You will agree with some of them, maybe disagree with a few, but overall you'll probably enjoy the piece. Or possibly even LOVE it. Who knows? You certainly won't know until you go there and read it, so why not do that?

Here's a handy link that will get you to there!

As always, I would love it if you left a comment or wrote a letter to the editor. As a matter of fact, if you have a letter to the editor published, I'll buy you dinner the next time you're in Boston.

(No guarantee of a gourmet feed. It might be a hot dog. But it will be a filet mignon in my heart!)

Thanks for stopping by. Soon, with more better stuff.


messymimi said...

Well said, especially that last point. Happy Independence Day!

Craig said...

Thanks, Jim. I love my country, too. But just lately, I'm starting to think my country doesn't think much of me. . .

"[Y]ou can make a list entitled '100 Things I Hate About America', and you won't get thrown in jail." True; but make a list called 'One Thing My Conscience Won't Let Me Do', and you might lose your job, and/or your bank account. . . Makes me wonder about that whole 'no state religion' bit. . .

Daryl said...

i did a mini rant as a caption to a photo i posted on instagram/facebook ... i can only hope people who read it were the ones who need reminding how this country came to be and what it stands for