Sunday, June 12, 2016

How I Earn A Living

You may think that I earn my living by writing. You would be correct in thinking that, but only partially so. I have other jobs, as well, and my piece in today's Boston Herald will give you some details concerning all of it.

It is about the so-called "gig economy". I'm a part of it. Maybe you are, too. If so, you'll identify with the piece. If not, you may get an understanding of it. Or, in either case, you might not give a shit. Who knows? But if you go to read it - and especially if you leave a comment or share the piece on Facebook or other social media - you will be helping me to earn my living. For that, I am always thankful.

Here's the usual handy link!

Soon, with more better stuff (and maybe more jobs - who knows?)


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

A number of times in the past I have also been a part of the gig economy.
Permanent employment at a steady wage, even if it paid less, was my preference.

It' said...

Well, I tried to leave a comment at BH, but my computer decided to have a small hissy, no go. I have a rather limited amount of patience when it comes to hissy fits anyway.
And your situation is repeated over and over across the US. Even mine ~ I work full time but the job doesn't come with health insurance. My spouse is collecting social security and has medicare coverage, and is beginning to start a new "career" as a teacher. Hopefully he will find work by the fall and I will have health insurance again (yeah ~ 8 months without insurance is scary, but I can't afford $450 a month for "Obamacare"). Because he was working in marketing with a decent wage, I don't fit the profile for help with insurance coverage. And worst of all.....I'm no spring chicken anymore.

Suldog said...

Skip - Agree 100%

It's A Crazy World - The health insurance is huge. It eats up a large portion of any income, if not provided by an employer.

messymimi said...

As part of the gig economy, i agree, it's difficult. We are blessed that Sweetie had insurance from his steady employer and when he retired it became part of his state retirement package. Otherwise, we'd probably have none.

What some people who hire us don't seem to comprehend, especially if they've never worked under such conditions, is that if they decide to cancel you at the last minute, it's huge. For me, it's not just that you decided you don't need me to clean your house today. You've waited until the night before to tell me, so i can't schedule another job, and i've lost the grocery money i was counting on having.

Sweetie doesn't want to be part of this economy, but it has encompassed him as well. He's been hired for part time and temporary things, but he wants steady work. It may not happen.

Suldog said...

Mimi - Exactly. And sometimes a request for me to do one of my jobs actually leads me to have to cancel another of them last minute. It's maddening.

Daryl said...

well ... i think my husband can identify, even tho he's always worked freelance before he 'officially retired', he was always worried about where the next job was coming from ..

Suldog said...

Daryl - I had a feeling perhaps your husband (and you, of course) would understand.

Shammickite said...

All I can say is.... thank goodness I live in Canada. I have a company pension as well as a government pension, it's enough to give me a good lifestyle, and I'm covered by health care. It's not perfect, but I'm not complaining.

Suldog said...

Shammickite - I'm happy to hear you're happy!