Friday, July 03, 2015

Happy 4th, Everybody!

Even if it's the 3rd. And especially for me, as I am once again in the Boston Herald.

My column on the op-ed pages concerns a citizenship ceremony I attended with MY WIFE.I hope you find it interesting and, perhaps, encouraging. While many things of late could possibly have you feeling down politically, we live in a mighty fine place.

Thanks for stopping by. As always, kind words at the website, or in a letter to the editor, are appreciated. And, as always, you should remember that having a hard copy of one of my columns in hand will gain you admittance to my Pulitzer celebration party, tentatively scheduled for 2037. There will be free tuna salad subs, so an investment now will certainly pay dividends!

Soon, with more better stuff.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Good stuff, Jim!

Jackie said...

Always love to read your writings.
Not sure I will be on this side of heaven when you get your Pulitzer, but rest assured I will be cheering and singing "Hallelujah" when it happens.
Have a safe and happy Fourth of July, my friend. May God continue to bless the USA.

messymimi said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I took American Government a few years ago and realized we really do live in an amazing country! Congrats an yet another Boston Herald piece!! You're a rockstar!

Jerry said...

I enjoyed the article. Perhaps the Pulitzer will arrive sooner than you think!