Saturday, February 14, 2015

Two Clicks, Please

[This is a subtle hint concerning what I wrote about today in the Boston Herald]
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I'm out of town and off-line. Therefore, your job today will take two clicks instead of just one.

You should now be asking yourself, "What in hell is Jim talking about? He's even less coherent than usual."

I'll answer the question and thanks for asking. I have a column in the Boston Herald today. Usually, when I have a column in the Boston Herald, I ask you to go there and read it (and maybe leave a lovely comment extolling my virtues or - better yet - write a letter to the editor threatening to garrotte yourself if they don't print more of my stuff in future.) Today is no different in that regard. I am asking you to go to the Boston Herald website and read my column (or, better yet, buy a hard copy of the paper since having it in hand as proof of your loyalty will gain you admittance to the party celebrating my Pulitzer, where there will be free chili dogs!)

The problem is I'm out of town and off-line. Therefore, I have had to schedule this post in advance. And that means it won't take you the usual one click to get to my column since I don't yet have a direct link to it. Instead, I will link you to the op-ed page. From there, you should be able to find a link to my column. Look for something saying "Sullivan spouts off again" or "Sullivan once more babbles aimlessly" or... well, you get the point. Somewhere on that page it will say "Sullivan". Click onto that and VOILA! You'll finally be able to read my damn column.

(All in all, it would probably be easier if you buy the paper at your local newsstand. Not only will you be buying your ticket to a free chili dog in, say, 2027, but you'll also get to read the funnies; a bargain at any price, unless they charge $50 for the Herald where you live, in which case you should move.)


Here's the link to the Boston Herald op-ed page. Please go there and look for something that mentions my last name. If you don't see my last name, write a letter to the editor and threaten to commit hari kari (or, if you live in Pittsburgh, threaten to commit Bob Prince.)

(If you got that joke, you're too smart to be reading my stuff and I thank you for lowering your standards.)

That's about it. Happy Valentine's Day to those of you reading me on Saturday. If it's NOT Saturday, where in hell were you?

Soon, with more better stuff (in all likelihood.)


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

If you only want to click once, click HERE!

Hilary said...

Ha.. Skip beat me to it. :)

I was trying to comment at the Herald with:

I love that after all these years, you still have stories to tell about yourselves that the other hasn't heard. Happy Valentine's Day to the two of you.

but I didn't want to use my Facebook sign-in and when I saw the little dropdown arrow seemingly allowing me to opt out of using that ID, I clicked and it immediately signed me out of Facebook. It seems that FB is the only way I can comment there. I'm not fond of the new comment system. Sorry Jim.

joeh said...

Excellent! The softer Suldog.

One of your best.

Maggie May said...

Will be going over there! But I hate all this new fangled stuff. There's several blogs now that I can't get into at all. This is progress?
Maggie x

Shammickite said...

I'd rather comment to you personally than waste my time with the Bh and it's difficulties, and my comment is aaaawwwwww!!!!! You're a good lad, Jim.

Juli G said...

Tony actually buys the Herald EVERYDAY. I tried to get him a subscription, but no... he likes to go BUY it himself everyday.

Which is good, because we'd never find what the delivery guy did with it under all this freaking snow.

Okay... off to read.

It' said...

I thought Romeo and I were the only ones that did that! Although we don't have Tivo, so we usually wait until a commercial, then mute and converse. On Sunday Morning (TV show, lol) they interviewed a couple that had been married for 80+ years, and the wife said respect was what keeps a marriage going that long....I suppose....but I think it's love.
Happy Valentines Day!

Craig said...

Heh. . . Early in our marriage, I told Jenn I was going to get her a solar-powered clothes dryer. She actually thought I was going to show up that evening with some high-tech contraption, until I tossed her the sack with the coil of clothesline in it. Wicked, yes, I know; I'm sure I'll wind up doing time in Purgatory for it. . .

And we spent V-Day weekend helping run a marriage retreat. So, you know, best of both worlds. . .

Suldog said...

Thank you, all. Appreciate the single-step link, Skip!