Saturday, February 07, 2015

Boston 2024

Some of you may not be aware that Boston is in competition for the Olympic games of 2024.

Some of you can stop laughing now, thanks.

As you might imagine, I have an opinion concerning this possibility. If you'd like to read it, please go to the Boston Herald website (or, even better, buy the print edition. Having a copy of that in hand will gain you admittance to the big party I'll be throwing when I win my Pulitzer. There'll be cheeseburgers!)

Here's the link to my deathless prose - Boston Herald.

Feel free to leave a comment or write a letter to the editor (unless you hate what I have to say, in which case you should be very quiet.)

Soon, with more better stuff.


Tabor said...

I have mixed feelings. I would like if it was closer and I could rent out the basement, but I hate to see Boston ruin the city budget for a long time. Oh well, this contest continues.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I used to care more about the Olympics.
Then they became too much about the money.
I can still cheer for the little countries and their shot at some national pride.
But the rest is too much hype and way too much about money.

Hilary said...

As with most everything else, these days, there's very little that's actually about the pride and honour of hosting and very much to do with revenue. I might live under a rock but I had no idea the bidding happened this far in advance.

I'm still having issues with posting a comment on the Herald site. They seem to want it to also appear in Facebook, but I don't, and it's not allowing me to unclick the check mark which will have it post to FB.

messymimi said...

Well, i wanted to comment, but it seems you can now only do so if you log in through Facebook. Since i'm not on Facebook (along with 49% of the people in the US, believe it or not), that means i may not.

But i will tell you, i like your writing, and while i don't live in your area, you make this idea sound about as do-able as having the Olympics in downtown Mamou, Louisiana.

OldAFSarge said...


Be still my heart!

Olympics and Boston? Traffic is bad enough now. I guess they'll just shut down Eastern Massachusetts until it's over.

Stock up on supplies if the deal goes through. You might be stuck at home for a while!

Shammickite said...

First... I really like the idea of munching on Pulitzer cheeseburgers.
I started reading your BH article but suddenly a voice interrupted me extolling the virtues of a medication to help me stop smoking. Well, I don't smoke, and that voice had no right to invade my ears without invitation, so I couldn't read it to the end.
I love watching the Olympics on the telly, but I don't want them anywhere near me. Too expensive and too disruptive. But I did go to the 1976 Montreal games, now that was fun!
If Boston actually wins the Olympics in 2024, I may be asking you for a spare bedroom.

The Geezers said...

I travel to Boston quite a lot, and like it very much...

...but sorry, cannot see how the Olympics could work there—unless the venues were scattered up and down the east coast. Where, for example, does white water kayaking get competed? And yes, beach vollyball? Your great city just seems too urban to pull this off.

Daryl said...

hey .. nyc is hoping to host the (now of course i cant remember if its Dems or Repugs) 2016 political hoopla convention …. i am so laughing

Craig said...

You guys are bidding on the WINTER Olympics, right? I mean, at the current rate, you'll have snow on the ground until 2024, anyway. . .


I love the 'I'm not a robot' hoop-to-jump-thru; I mean, they just take my word for it. . . "Uh, sure, I'm not a robot; that's the right answer, right? NOT a robot. . . nope, nope, nope, definitely NOT a robot. . . NOT a robot. . . NOT a robot. . .

Suldog said...

Oh, Google is drunk. I don't have anything set to ask anyone anything.

You know, if Boston was bidding for the WINTER Olympics, it would make sense. I'd probably be behind it (unless they put ski jumps on The Common.) I mean, we have all sorts of facilities for winter sports and what we don't have I'm sure New Hamshire would love to loan out for the tourist trade.