Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Continuing Saga Of Jim Sullivan, Superstar

I have been published again.

This time, the venue is Discover magazine. You can see part of what I wrote HERE. I say "part of what I wrote" because you'll have to buy the issue - or, better yet, subscribe - to get all of my wordy goodness.

(No, when you click over to the website that's not a photo of me, although it is a fair approximation of what I looked like some 30 years back.)

I'm expecting to have another piece of mine hit the stands, in a different national publication, sometime in the next couple of days. I'll be back to bore... I mean, delight you, with further news, in a day or two. After that, I promise I'll have something here, right in this very blog, that you can actually read and consider literature (if you're willing to grade on a curve, which I know you are from past experience and I thank you.)

Soon, with more better stuff (after the next self-promotion.)


joeh said...

Wow! I knew Tim Howard (sort of) when he was just a kid, and now I know (sort of) Jim Sullivan the published writer .

Congratulations...keep it up! And don't forget the little people.

JK, I know you won't.

Suldog said...

How little are you? :-)

Hilary said...

Yay you! :)

Buck said...


As for those things that keep you awake behind the wheel... I had an effective system for that once upon a time but she handed in her resignation a few years back. I rarely drive at night any longer as a result. ;-)

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

As they say, "A reasonable facsimile."
The guy in the pic, that is.


Do you get a cut from each new subscriber?

messymimi said...

It's great to see you succeeding in your chosen career!

Suldog said...

Hilary - Indeed :-)

Buck - Not me. MY WIFE trusts me implicitly and often puts the seat all the way back to snooze. She is, of course, a fool.

Skip - I wish.

Mimi - Indeed :-)

Jackie said...

Didn't I recommend that one to you to submit (to)?
Should be worth a little something. Or not. :))
You know that I'm just kidding. I'm so proud of you. Of course.

Suldog said...

Thanks, Jackie (and everyone else!)

Shammickite said...

oooo Jim lad, this is good news! You're getting lots of exposure (the legal kind). Woohoo!

Suldog said...

"the legal kind" - LOL

Juli G said...

When I was in HS my math teacher told us about a practical application of "math" as an adult as one of her students was working for the car industry developing a system that would stop a car automatically when it got too close to another car.

That was 22 years ago.

And it's just hit the general market now. I'd love to read the rest of the article... but you know... I'm broke until payday (see post) and I really, REALLY need a nap. :)

Anonymous said...

You are making it look easy to get published - and I know it's not!That's why I went into real estate! Congratulations!!

Absolut Ruiness said...

Seeing you succeed like that makes me feel like a mother whose son is leaving the home and going to college. Please don't freak out. I couldn't put it in better words. Go fly little Birdie.....