Saturday, January 18, 2014

More Me Makes Mass. Mainstream Media

I have had another op-ed published. Yes, I've convinced another editor that my stuff isn't just the inane ramblings of an old fart with incipient Alzheimer's. Today's victims are the audiences of the Patriot Ledger and the Brockton Enterprise.

(Unfortunately, it appears that the on-line versions of the papers aren't quite a complete clone of the hard copy. As of now, I believe the only way to get my words is to buy the physical paper. So, uh, go do that.)

The Patriot Ledger covers what we in Massachusetts refer to as the South Shore. Residents of such fine upstanding communities as Quincy, Braintree, Weymouth, Holbrook, Randolph, Hingham and Hull, who have done nothing to deserve such treatment, will find my mug plastered across the top of a couple of columns of newsprint. Once they get past my face, they'll find my 550-or-so words concerning smoking in public parks.

The Brockton Enterprise is running the same column. This means that the city famous for producing Rocky Marciano and Marvelous Marvin Hagler may also someday be able to say a Pulitzer winner once graced the pages of their hometown newspaper. When that day of bovine aviation occurs, every person able to show me an original print copy of today's column will be my guest for fried clams at McMenamy's (slogan: The fish you buy today swam last night in Buzzards Bay!)

(Suggested additional slogan: We wrap your lunch in Sully's column!)

As usual, any kind words you care to deposit at the doorstep of the editors would be greatly appreciated. If you hate what I have to say, keeping your mouth shut would be equally appreciated.

Once more with links, in case my column shows up there at some point:

The Patriot Ledger

The Brockton Enterprise

Soon, with more better stuff. Maybe someday with clams!


Buck said...

Well... couldn't you wait a respectful period o' time, like the weekend, and then publish your column(s) on the blog?

Enquiring Minds™ wanna know. In fact we DEMAND to know!

Suldog said...

If it gets to the website at any time, Buck, I guarantee I'll link it.

Shammickite said...

If I'm ever in your neighbourhood, I'm definitely going to McMenamy's. I love seafood and that place looks awesome. I'll let you know when I'm coming, I'll meet you there!

Jackie said...

So proud of you....

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I'd happily shill for you if those shizzlesticks would do their part.

Heck! ...I might even read it myself.

Jenny Woolf said...

Well done, I am so glad you continue to be appreciated and are doing so well.

Hilary said...

Yay you!