Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If You Don't Find This Amusing, Have Some Cookies

In honor of a couple of things, I present you with the following.

Thing #1...

An internet acquaintance was looking for suggestions concerning foods for his cat. I suggested watermelon. I was NOT being facetious.

I once owned a cat who adored watermelon. Any time I would have a slice, he would sidle up next to me and meow for some. The first couple of times he did so, I more-or-less ignored him. I said, "Silly cat! You don't want watermelon! I'll give you some mackerel after I'm done."

Finally, perhaps the third time he jumped up on the table and meowed for the watermelon, I said, "Okay, dopey, I'll give you a little piece, but you're going to be disappointed."

I broke off a tiny bit of the fruit and held it out for him. He gobbled it up, then meowed for more. I sliced off a couple of larger hunks and proffered them. He chomped on them greedily, even licking up the juices after the solid stuff had disappeared down his gullet. It was so much fun to see a cat lusting for watermelon, I gave him half of my slice, rind and all. He attacked it, devoured it down to the rind, and then he gnawed on that for a while, too. When the watermelon was completely gone, he seemed to be as sad as I was (and I was pretty sad, too, because I had given half of my watermelon to him.)

After that, whenever I had watermelon, I would cut him up a small bowl of it, and he'd dive into it with the sort of fervor usually reserved for female cats in heat. I've never seen another cat with such a taste for watermelon.


Speaking of cats, I once tried smoking catnip.

This was during my more experimental drug days, as you might imagine. I was temporarily out of the sort of weed I usually smoked, and the catnip was handy. I figured, what the hell? Cats seem to have a great time with it, maybe I'll discover something really excellent and a bargain besides. I rolled a small catnip joint, lit it up, and took a cautious toke.

After waiting a minute, and seeing that I didn't die or go into a fit, I took another draw on it. The taste wasn't entirely unpleasant - nor was it something I'd do again just for that aspect of it. I checked all of the usual suspects for signs that something useful might be happening - paranoia; obsession with small details; unfunny things becoming hilarious; the delights of music multiplying exponentially. I came up blank. Nothing.

Well, I shouldn't really say "nothing." I had the strangest craving for watermelon...


Speaking of watermelon, you're familiar with Murphy's Law, right? In case you need a refresher, here it is:

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Since the time when Murphy first uttered those words - probably after downing eight or nine pints, and then finding that his zipper was stuck - there have been a multitude of additions, addenda, and analyses from other philosopher types. For instance...

O'Toole's Commentary on Murphy's Law - Murphy was an optimist.

... which has always been my favorite.

I recently unearthed a few more.

Klink's Theory of Relativity - All tragedy, no matter how horrendous, will eventually become comic material.

Ramone's Law of Reduction - Everything can be simplified, and usually to good effect.

Moe's Dictum Regarding Free Speech - Just because you're free to say whatever you want, that doesn't mean you won't get a ripsaw dragged across your noggin for having done so.

Curly's Corollary to Moe's Dictum - N'yuk! N'yuk! N'yuk! Ow!

Fluffy's Valid Observation - There's a reason they call it catnip, Jim. As a matter of fact, it's the same reason why they call the stuff that gets you off, "dope". Hey! Is that watermelon? Yum!


Speaking of segues, I don't have one. However, let's finish this off with...

Sullivan's Suggestions for Happy Living

Never stand if you can sit.

Never sit if you can lie down.

Never run when you can walk.

Never walk when you can ride.

If somebody is perfectly happy pulling your wagon, it makes little sense for you to get out and push.

Cookies make everything better.

And, if you find yourself with the opportunity to take a pee, what are you gonna gain if you don't? Of course, if you ate less watermelon, you wouldn't have to pee so often.


Speaking of Google, if you enter "Cat Watermelon" in a search for images, you will come up with an amazing assortment of photos to choose from. Who knew? The one I chose to adorn the top of this page came from Epic Pics Of Win. I would have assumed LOLCATS, but I smoke catnip. What do I know?

Soon, with meow better stuff.

P.S. Thing #2 is that I will have a piece in the Boston Herald this weekend (unless they come to their senses between now and then.) The tenuous connection with what appears above is that it is a story involving a cat. I should also warn those of you who were delighted to find out I wasn't going on and on about softball that I do mention it, but only a smidge. Anyway, I'll give a link here when it actually sees print.


Anonymous said...

C/M - 1. It appears from all those pics that yours was not the only cat that liked watermelon.
2. It appears that the girl in the watermelon hat had to be "persuaded" a bit.
3. Can't wait to read your article. Congrats!!!!

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

The cat can have my watermelon, but I will hang on to the Oreos and the ginger snaps.

Ami said...

For some reason, after reading this, I have to pee.

Kerry said...

Why am I sitting? Think I'll go lie down. And then check to see if the cats will eat watermelon.

stephen Hayes said...

I've only been awake for thirty minutes and already I've read three posts about peeing. This isn't helping since i have a bladder the size of a peanut.

Shammickite said...

You might have had a better "high" if you had ROLLED your ears in the catnip. That's what my cat used to do.
BTW there's some watermelon in my fridge RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Lil said...

I had a cat who was wild for carrots and cucumbers. I always felt I should fix him salads instead of cat food.

I shoulda tried watermelon. He could have had it for dessert.

Daryl said...

given all the clever amusing comments i am going to just say congrats on the article

Tabor said...

Congrats on your article! I am allergic to cats, so will never get to test the watermelon theory. Dogs eat almost everything, so watermelon would be no surprise.

Karen said...

I use to have a cat that loved peas. Did you say softball? :)

joeh said...

This post was BRILLIANT until I got to "meow better stuff." But then you do smoke catnip!

Buck said...

I had a dog that loved watermelon. But then again, she'd eat anything that wouldn't eat her first.

Grats on the Herald article!

Jackie said...

You make me smile!!
What a talented guy you are, Jim.

Michelle H. said...

Hooray! I'm looking forward to reading your article.

messymimi said...

Takanumi's weaknesses were tamales and corn chips. Never did understand that cat.

Congratulations on the article!

Juli said...

So... when stuck in the house avoiding a gazillion day heat wave, you google cats and watermelon? Interesting. :)

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Nice one Jim - look forward to the article. Off to google cats and watermelons now :)

Craig said...

Yer cat can have my watermelon, too. . .

What if you just baked the catnip into some brownies? Or, you know, ate it raw? . . .

And I don't know what the name of it is, but another corollary of Murphy's Law says simply, "Nature is a Mother."

Absolut Ruiness said...

This was one post where i saw no need or opportunity to comment. You wrote this just because you have realized your eternal duty to make our mornings better. In fact, this was one post where i didn't see the point in any of the other comments!!! (This comes from a deep respect for all Suldog readers. I just did not get you this time though). Anyways, I did comment after all.

Pearl said...

My Siamese (may he RIP) was a complete muskmelon junkie. Goofy animal.

And I LOLed, right here at my desk, by that picture of cat/watermelon. LOVE.


Sandy Kessler said...

I'm going out to get lemon shortbread cookies this instant

lime said...

thanks for the corollaries. klink's theory of relativity is the one i like the best. i'm hanging on to that one!

Hilary said...

"Meow better stuff".. I am so amewsed.

I once had a cat who loved mandarin oranges. And every one of the dogs who live on our street adore watermelon.

Congrats on the article. :)