Friday, August 03, 2012


My good snide friend, IT, pointed out that what I did the other day over at the M Street Softball League website was not so much sportswriting as it was sports reporting. In recognition of that pedantry, I have bestowed today's entry with the appropriate sobriquet.

Be that as it may - and it better be - there is now another game recap over there for you to enjoy (or whatever other emotional reaction you find convenient and/or proper.) The game I covered last night was not as enjoyable as expected, but I think you might find the writing more enjoyable than that in the first entry. So there.

Soon, with more.


IT (aka Ivan Toblog) said...

You're welcome!
I knew my font of useless knowledge would come in handy
...and it gave you the title for this post with no effort involved

silly rabbit said...


messymimi said...

Well, i don't care what you or IT call it, i like your writing, and hope the Pirates have a better night Monday.

Buck said...

Nice... umm... reporting.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm wondering what sports WRITING is...

Uncle Skip, said...

"(Whatever else happens Monday, Commissioner Mark Senna has promised there will be entertainment in one form or another, as well as some pizza and other refreshments, so a fun time will be had. Come on down and enjoy!)"

It looks like we may be late for the fun? What time do the Bombers play on the 12th? Wait... I don't even know where they play.
Anyhow... I only really want to know why any team, let alone your opponents, would name themselves after a character in an Allstate commercial.
Maybe the game will be a local public access cable channel? I can watch it from the comfort of the hotel room?
When you're not playing or coaching, do you do play by play? ...public address announcements?

What's the weather gonna be like?

Are you tired of all the questions yet?

Ooh... look, a squirrel!

Suldog said...

(not my) Uncle Skip - The Bombers play either 2 or 3 games on the 12th (it's a best 2 of 3 series, all in one day) starting at 9am. The venue is Smith Field in Brighton, adjacent to Harvard Stadium. No stands there, unlike M Street, so not the greatest place to just saunter in and watch a game. You and yours (and anyone else) are certainly welcome, but you'll have to make your own seating accommodations and I won't be great company seeing as how I'll be playing/coaching (as opposed to M Street, where I am currently just sitting in the stands, keeping a scorebook, schmoozing with one and all.)

As for Mayhem, they were previously known as The Brighton All-Stars (not that there was any ego involved or anything.) Before that, they were The Rockies for about fifteen seasons (as opposed to The Bullwinkles) and I have no idea why they went for the name changes.

I expect the weather will be either hot-as-hell-sunny or I-have-squat-in-a-mud-puddle-to-catch-rainy. I am hoping for the former.

That's not a squirrel. It's a frappe. You'd better learn the language before you come here.

Jackie said...

You'll be proud of me; I didn't look for your name on the stats! :))
I'm sorry that the guy hurt his ankle. It sounded painful to me...and I can't imagine popping it back in and then playing the rest of the game. These guys are real go-getters, aren't they.
The following has absolutely nothing to do with this blog...but it's just like me to just throw something out there from the blue, but I was watching "House" last night on TV,(reruns) and it dawned on me that House (Doctor House)reminds me very much of you. Has anyone ever told you that? His wit (and knowledge) do remind me of you. I also think he looks like you. Just sayin'.
House is one of my favorite programs ever. I have every DVD of the series and was saddened to see that this year was its final season. Sigh.
See... told you it had nothing to do with this blogpost. Just Jackie...chatting. :))
Hugs and smiles,

Michelle H. said...

You say potato, IT says tomato, and I'll just nod my head and eat the leftovers (meaning that the word itself is not important in this instance to me, but the information you convey is).

SueAnn Lommler said...

A talented writer you are...bask in it!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hope everything worked out okay, I'm off to read more.

Sandi McBride said...

I've found the enjoyment of baseball depends on if my team is winning...if so, I enjoyed it quite a bit...but when my Cubbies lose I am not fit company for man or beast...therefore I find that man and beast tend to avoid my company on any day the Cubbies play...except for the odd one maybe once a week...sighs all around?

CiCi said...

So there. Good reporting.

Anonymous said...

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