Monday, July 02, 2012

No, And No

I don't feel much like talking about what happened in softball this weekend. Both of my teams lost their games against the iron of the league.

QUENCHER - 10 Stats/BSB - 2
QUENCHER - 7 Swingers - 0
Shenanigans - 11 QUENCHER - 2

Titans - 16 BOMBERS - 10
Titans - 14 BOMBERS - 10

There will probably be another shot at both of those teams, for both of my teams, somewhere in the playoffs. I know we can beat them, but the games this weekend were not a confidence booster.

Quencher's regular season has been completed (due to an impending field re-sodding, it was a shortened schedule) and we will begin our playoff run on July 10th. Here are the standings as of this morning, July 2nd.

TEAM              W   L  T  PTS  RS    RA  Strk
Shennanigans 13 0 0 26 170 27 W13
Sonny's Pirates 13 2 0 26 161 42 W1
George Pratt Club 12 3 0 24 162 73 W1
Quencher Tavern 12 4 0 24 215 88 L1
The Warehouse 10 5 0 20 124 67 L1
Paramount Bucks 10 6 0 20 126 116 W1
Bulldogs 9 6 1 19 145 123 W1
BelowAverageJoes 9 7 0 18 177 176 L1
Telegraph Hill 9 7 0 18 173 138 L1
Stats 8 8 0 16 177 190 W3
Stadium Stingers 8 8 0 16 162 139 L5
The Playwright 6 9 0 12 110 162 L2
Cranberry Café 2 11 1 5 108 195 L6
Stats - BSB 2 13 0 4 99 191 L1
The Swingers 2 13 0 4 123 214 W1
Cornerstone Pub 2 13 0 4 96 258 W1
Clarke's 2 14 0 4 77 206 L10

Top 10 teams make the playoffs, with the top 6 receiving a first-round bye. After teams 7 through 10 play each other and determine the two teams which will advance, there will then be eight teams remaining. We're locked into fourth place, and will face The Warehouse in our opening round, a best 2 of 3. We beat The Warehouse, 9 - 8, in our regular season game. They have a very tough pitcher in Joey Magee, but I believe we're the better team, overall.


The Bombers were beaten, plain and simple. Both games could have been won, but our heads were up our asses. What I mean to say is that we made stupid mistakes, mostly on defense, and if there's one thing the Titans aren't, it's stupid. You give those guys an opening and they ALWAYS take advantage. They play smart, almost without fail, and that's why they've been champions of that league multiple times. You have to beat them; they will never beat themselves.

I'm not sure where the losses leave us in the standings. We're 6 and 4, might be second place, could be third.


I know there were a few things that happened, here and there, that guys said to me, "Hey, Sully, I bet that shows up in the blog!" Sorry to disappoint, but not right now. I just feel like clearing my head of softball for a few days. I don't feel like rehashing the minutiae. Next game is July 10th, when Quencher begins their playoffs. Bombers don't play again until July 15th. Until then, I'm taking a bit of time off from writing. There may be a re-print of something around the 4th, but otherwise I'm taking a short vacation.

I hope everybody (well, every American...) has a wonderful holiday, and I'll be back with fresh writings on the 16th. So...

(not quite) Soon, with more better stuff.


The Broad said...

Happy Fourth of July, Sully. Sorry your team wasn't quite up to scratch on the day -- but at least you don't have any illusions about how well they did or didn't do.

Jackie said...

Jim...I went to the M Street Softball league's stat page on Sunday to find out the score of the game. I'm sorry that neither of your teams won this weekend, but I do know that you guys have had and will continue to have a good time together. I understand the break from writing, and I hope that you have a wonderful 4th of July. Give your sweet wife a hug from all of us who love and appreciate both of you. I look forward to your return. Until then, know that you have a friend in South Georgia who is thinking of you.

Jeremy said...

That sucks. I was hoping you guys would have a good weekend. I guess the 10 days will be a good time to regroup and get energized for the playoffs. Do you guys spread out the games in the playoffs or do you have to play double headers? Have a happy fourth!

Stephen Hayes said...

I'm determined to participate in your posts on a deeper level so I'm going to invest time to become a better participant. First things first: what are stats?

I've really got you wondering, right?

Anonymous said...

"rehashing the minutiae"

When you're ready to do this, we shall be waiting with bated breath.

And looking forward to it.

Enjoy your break!

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Hey making it to the playoffs at all is a pretty big deal, congrats on that! And enjoy your time off, sometimes a little brain recharge is all a person needs to come back swinging. Literally & figuratively of course. Enjoy the 4th!

Suldog said...

Jeremy (and anyone else wondering the same things) - The M Street playoffs (Quencher) take place one game at a time, with a day off between in the opening rounds; on consecutive nights as the playoffs go deeper. 2 of 3 for the openers, 3 of 5 for the semi-finals, best of 7 in the finals, if we get that far.

Sunday league playoffs are all best 2 of 3, with all games of any one series taking place in one day. So, it could be a triple-header there when the time comes. Still four more weeks of regular season in that league.

Michelle H. said...

Hope you feel better about your teams. May your 4th of July plans be relaxing and full of gluttony.

Buck said...

Wow. I'd have much rather read about resounding victory (and I'm SURE you'd rather have written it so), but it is what it is. My condolences.

Have the best Fourth ya can, Jim... and good luck in the playoffs.

messymimi said...

Enjoy your time away, come back refreshed to both write and play, and good luck next time.

Happy Fourth!

joeh said...

The best time to beat them would be in the playoffs!

Hilary said...

Sorry or the losses. I hope you have a lovely holiday. Happy Fourth to you from your neighboUr to the north.

Anonymous said...

So sorry your teams didn't win, but 4th place in the standings is pretty dang good... and as long as you were having fun... (yeah, I know, winning is 'funner'!) Happy 4th of July!

Daryl Edelstein said...

sorry, sul... but happy almost 4th to you and YOUR WIFE

If I were God... said...

You can take heart you're not on any of the two-win teams, your league is bottom-heavy with 'em.

silly rabbit said...

Well crap! Good idea not to think on it right now. A mini vacation is what you need! I think the 4th of July arrived in the nick of time. I hope you have a spectacular holiday. Good food and good company will set you right again.

Jeni said...

Take a break from anything and everything you can and go enjoy the celebrations for the 4th of July and anything and everything else going on that might give cause for you to enjoy and celebrate. And after that --RELAX!

Craig said...

Well, dang it. . .

Sometimes you get the bear, and somtimes the bear (or the Shenanigan, or the Titan, as the case may be) gets you. . .

Looks like yer Quenchers are well sitchy-ated for the playoffs, at any rate. And may the Force be with you. . .


CiCi said...

Hope your holiday was great. I took the day off, wanted some down time and time just for me. Well, me and my cat. Ha. It has been hot but still go out and get things done, just go out earlier than usual. Enjoy your time off too.

Jenny Woolf said...

I don't know anything about softball . I really mean NOTHING. Oh, except that it is probably played with a soft ball - inspired guess there, eh? I am sorry that Andy Murray lost the mens finals at Wimbledon though. Do you realise the last time a Brit one Wimbledon tennis was Fred Perry in the 1930s?

Jenny Woolf said...

I mean mens wimbledon

Babs said...

Hey Sully....I keep wanting to say Culligan Man....anyway lol,

All that baseball jargon, is like blah blah blah to me. No offense. I still like reading it though.
I hope you win next time or have a really challenging game
I hope your July 4th was full of explosives, legal ones
Enjoy your break, we all need them when writing blogs

Batter up or good catch, (smack -- that was my way of smacking a bum, or get me a hot dog....those were my own baseball jargons :)

Matt Conlon said...

Shennanigans is an outstanding name, I love it.

Unknown Mami said...

I did have a wonderful holiday. Thank you.

Babs said...

I found something in my hometown newspaper, I think you and your readers, especially the baseball people will enjoy this. Click on the link and...

Shammickite said...

You're on vacation?
Have a good one.
And stay COOOOOL, man.

Harris said...


This is apropos of absolutely nothing. I don't softball. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I'm back in the game.

Blimey, I miss Massachooooooooosetts.