Thursday, April 07, 2011

Some Of My Friend's Greatest Hits

What I'm writing now, and publishing tomorrow, brought a desire to post this today. It is a collection of links to some of the best writing done by three good friends in the blogosphere.

All of the following either touched me deeply or made me truly laugh out loud. I felt enriched after reading them. I share them with the hope that they will do the same for you.

Disclaimer: I always feel bad about doing something like this because I feel as though I'll be hurting someone's feelings. This involves only three writers. They are singled out for various reasons, none of which are your fault. That is to say, if you feel slighted by NOT being mentioned here, because you think we're mighty good internet friends, please rest assured that we are and not being mentioned does NOT mean you haven't written anything of great worth. You probably have. This is hardly a complete list of every distinctive post or person I've found while visiting any of you, and I feel bad about not featuring some folks in a similar fashion to that which I'm about to do for Chris, Chris, and Steve. Some whom I enjoy on a daily basis may not be mentioned simply because you don't tend toward longer pieces. I'm a wordy bastard, so I like other wordy bastards. Some are more visual than literary. You know who you are and you know how much I love your stuff. For some, it may be because your writing is so uniform I couldn't choose a few pieces without feeling as though I were slighting you in some way. It may be because my most treasured memories of your writing came via personal correspondence rather than at your public blog. It may be because I'm a vile lazy slug and my memory is random. That's probably the best thing to hold in your broken heart as you curse me. Anyway, if you're listed on my sidebar at all, rest assured that I have you there because you write things I enjoy reading, even if nothing is singled out here.

The Long Goodbye
Two Coats
Thanksgiving Comes First
Eternal Autumn

Lo Siento, Senor Poopy Pants
Heckling Shirley Temple
Beethoven, Bugs, And The Terminator
Whatever Happened To... Little Red Riding Hood?

In Which My Secret Origin As A Super-Villain Is Revealed
In Which It All Depends On Your Point Of View
In Which I Owe My Existence To The King Of The Dumb-Asses
In Which I Am 0-for-2

And now, you can scratch your head and wonder just what in hell I'm publishing tomorrow. Or you can come back and see.

(After reading all of the above, of course.)

Soon, with more better stuff.


Anonymous said...

No need for a disclaimer. Anyone who would feel offended wouldn't deserve to be up there anyway.

- Jazz

Nick said...

Good choices!

Anonymous said...

Very good choices. And you shouldn't have to apologize.

We all wear big panties now.


Uncle Skip, said...

We, who are easily distracted.... Ooh, look a squirrel... tend to be terse, rather than wordy.

Good choices

Cricket said...

You are too kind, my swell pal.

I'll have to check out the others. The only one that I remember quite clearly is Senor Poopy Pants, mainly because I came close to something similar while laughing at it.

I'm sure bloggy goodness lies ahead, today and tomorrow. Thanks.

Jeni said...

No offense to anyone else's posts but ya know, I think I could read -and re-read -MM's stuff day in and day out! The man is awesome, totally AWESOME! The other selections you put up here rank very highly too but MM is just, well AWESOME!

Buck said...

I always feel bad about doing something like this because...

Unh-hunh. Yeah. Right. Shure. We KNOW what ya mean. ;-)

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Being mentioned in the same post as Magazine Man is quite a compliment. That guy is a pro . . . I have no idea how you narrowed his stuff down to just four.

Thanks for the honor, Jim. I enjoy your work tremendously also. "The Beer Train" is still the best post I've read anywhere. You really should expand it into a short story.

Hilary said...

I'm going to have to remember this post because one day, when I need to add some more wordy bastards to my list. As it is, I'm really only familiar with Cricket and agree with you completely. He's top notch.

Your disclaimer made me laugh.. you worry too much. ;)

Michelle H. said...

Aww, you have such a big heart. Can't see anyone holding grudges against you. Jaq gives big sloppy kisses your way and hopes you'll one day feature her best writing pieces, once she develops those motor skills :-)

messymimi said...

It's why your opinions about what makes a good read are yours. It means you get to choose, and we get the fun of reading. No fussing about being left out allowed.

lime said...

what a great set of posts to highlight. quality guys all. i've been familiar with both chrises but hadn't read much of steve before. i quite enjoyed unwinding with them all this evening.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Apologize? Geez there must be some really, really sensitive people out there in bloggyland. Well too bad for them! It's your blog and you'll pick who you want to. Hmmm, feeling a song parody coming on...

Lots to catch up on, I've only read 3 of Chris' & none of the others yikes!

rc said...

You lousy, three-faced b@$t@rd!!!

I just thought with all the lovefest stuff going on with the comments above, someone should speak for the poor also-rans who inhabit your friends list...