Friday, November 12, 2010

TCF - The Last Roundup

[Cornucopia comes from HERE]

This is the final list of posts (or, at least, those of which I'm aware) concerning Thanksgiving Comes First.

I promised some folks I'd be doing this listing today, Friday. I wish I had more time to write this, but I've got a very busy day ahead of me here at work, so...

(For those of you who may have been wondering, I do have an actual job. I'm not living off of trying to keep Thanksgiving more alive, unfortunately.)

I'd like more time because I'd prefer to give everybody listed here a big ol' virtual hug. Every time I see a new posting, it makes my heart swell. Seriously, you folks give me a huge boost during this time of year. Any time I see a too-early advertisement for Christmas, I think of you and the bad taste in my mouth vanishes. Thank you, most sincerely.

OK, I have to get a move on, so here are the latest posts. Please visit these fine people and enjoy their writings.

Eva Gallant, at Wrestling With Retirement, is a long-time reader from Maine. Thanks, Eva!

Rayfamily, at Tilting At Windmills (which some might think is an apt name for ANY blog joining our cause, but I don't.)

Bobbi, at Casa Camacho, was actually called ugly names by some insensitive person. Why? Because she makes homemade gifts. Can you imagine? Homemade gifts have the giver's heart and soul built in, but somebody... Ugh.

The webmaster at Singin' In The Barn gives us some lovely photos and lovely thoughts. Very enjoyable read.

Tonya, at A Day In The Life Of A Mama, shares her dismay (as have we all, so welcome aboard, Tonya!)

SuaAnn (aka Slommler) at (where else?) SueAnn's Journey joins the fray (and you get some pics of dismembered baby dolls as a bonus!)

Jenny Kate gives us actual photographic proof that Wal-Mart and Kohl's have no souls. Hey, that rhymes!

Finally, just in under the wire comes Rebecca, of I'm Just A Girl. I hope she finds Jason Varitek under her tree when it IS time for Christmas.

And, even more finally, I just came across another after I already published this piece this morning, and I'll add her here. Yay for Eternal Lizdom!

And here's another one - Thanks, Moogie! Now you know what I do during my lunch hour - scour the internet for your contributions and not eat. You're welcome!

And here's one I missed totally - Mea Culpa, In Extremis - and didn't add on here until I was told about it on Monday... How hideous of me. Crazed Nitwit (love that handle) has written THIS. Visit her, read it, and make me feel less guilty.

[from the wonderful Thanksgiving Corner]

And now, under the category of it pays to be first in line (known in Boston politics as "Vote early, vote often!") here are all of the bloggers who did posts and were mentioned here previously. If you haven't read these, what are you waiting for? Go!

Adam Gaffin, at Universal Hub, did as he does every year, putting a link to my post on his front page and sending a few hundred folks my way. Thanks, Adam!

Another huge source of hits was Hilary, at The Smitten Image. She gave the cause a nice plug here.

Special awards for quick action went to Christina at Lucrative Pain, and Michelle at The Surly Writer. They had their postings - HERE, and HERE, respectively - up on their own blogs within hours of mine.

Thimbelle's writing on the subject, at Creeping Towards Normal, is one of my favorite essays, ever. Please read her wonderful words.

Buck, at Exile In Portales, signs on every year. He gets to the heart of the matter quickly and succinctly.

Again, Thanksgiving Corner

Jillsy Girl has a page on her blog wherein she directs folks to stuff she likes. I thank her for liking me! She also did a separate posting, expounding upon her own thoughts concerning the matter.

Uncle Skip (not my uncle, but he is somebody's) had this to say. Much appreciated!

Brighton Pebbles, from the UK, posted thoughts on the matter, and here they are. Cheers!

Rob, at samaBlog, wrote about the holiday with an entirely new slant. Find his very interesting take HERE.

Calamity Shazaam In The Kitchen gave me a nice bit of an ego-boost in her posting.

Jeni Ertmer, at Down River Drivel, always has the TCF artwork on her sidebar, and that's appreciated. Thanks, Jeni!

(A link to us showed up on The Huffington Post, as well as on Buzz Tracker, but they probably aren't there now.)

My buddy, IT, gave us the link love. Likewise, Alex Johnson provided a way for folks to get here. And Kat, at Seeking Sanity, has the artwork - with link - posted on her sidebar.

My friend Kris, at Noodling On It, has written a nice piece. Please read it HERE.

Pat, at Remembrances Of An Arkansas Stamper, proudly displays the artwork, with a link, on the sidebar.

Robert H. Brague (Rhymes With Plague) has posted about us. Thank you!

A Tale Of Two Buckskins talks about Christmas tree sales around his way.

Jazz, at Haphazard Life, is one of my favorite Canadians. She posted one of my all-time favorite cartoons about Thanksgiving, and she has written about us with pity...

The Fifty Factor has not only written a nice piece, but has also posted the artwork on the sidebar, with a link, and some words.

Messy Mimi, at (where else?) Messy Mimi's Meanderings, has gone all Thanksgiving militant!

Mari, at My Little Corner Of The World, has joined the cause. Thank you, Mari, and God bless.

Gran Speaks! And this time, Gran is speaking about Thanksgiving coming first. Thanks, Gran!

My good buddy, Lime, always writes something worth reading, and her thoughts on this matter are no exception. Please visit her at House Of Lime. There is also a link to another Thanksgiving story, and that's worth a read, too.

Cindy, at Monkey Boy Adventures, chimes in concerning her trip to Target, wherein she encountered Christmas decorations prior to Halloween. Boo, Target!

Jeni (her second mention!) gives us all the story of her Halloween, then sinks her chops into Thanksgiving.

New Country Girl has spoken in general about Christmas stuff being out too early, and our turkey is prominently displayed.

There are some interesting entries on Facebook concerning us. Janine, who until recently wrote well at Sniffles & Smiles - she's taking some time off to catch up on other matters - added a link and some kind words. There are some actual pages devoted to our cause - Thanksgiving Comes First and Thanksgiving Comes First (Before Christmas). It wouldn't hurt to join them.

Lori, at My Life Interrupted, wrote about how the rush to buy, buy, buy marginalizes those without the resources to do so.

Unexpected Surprises is written by Brittany Johnson. She admits she became caught up in the Christmas creep, but then had more sane thoughts.

SAHM (which is an acronym for Stay At Home Mother) is the author of Larsen Loves. She writes of a desire for warm family times.

Another stay-at-home mom is Kat. As Cindy did in her entry linked above, Kat's post mentions Target as an offender (I think it's pretty clear they don't care what holiday they trample upon in the rush for profit.)

Barbara Shallue is worth mentioning again. Her post is entitled Thanksgiving Comes First (p.s. peace) and I enjoyed it immensely.

Renaissance Mama mentions another retailer giving Thanksgiving the virtual finger (IKEA) and shares her struggle of trying to NOT give in to her impulses.

Bonnie-Rocks, at Bonnie's Journal, adds her voice to the battle.

Maren, at Live Journal, also chimes in, and I thank her.

Finally, I gave my swell friend Cricket some effusive praise for his piece. Many of you went to read it, and not a single one of you disagreed with my assessment. Anyway, if you haven't yet seen it, let me tell you that Cricket, of Cricket & Porcupine, has written an essay on Thanksgiving that I consider a masterpiece. It may not only be the best I've ever read concerning the holiday, but perhaps the best piece of writing I've encountered on the internet during the 5+ years since I began blogging. It's THIS ONE. It is worth every second you put aside to read it.

And that, you good people, is that. One more time: Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You!

(If I've missed your posting, or otherwise failed to give you the credit you deserve, please let me know.)

Soon, with more better stuff.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a ton of linkage! You've started something good!

Cricket said...

Hm. Seems I missed a bunch of other TCF posts. I'll have to visit, and thank them myself, as a member of the TCF Auxiliary.

Good job, Jim.

Thanksgiving Comes First.

Hilary said...

Wow... coordinating all of these links to the many supportive posts is practically a full time job. I hope it pays off for you in the way that you hope.

Thank you for the re-mention, Jim. And about Cricket's post... I couldn't agree with you more. It's truly the most beautiful piece of writing. I might have to do a Posts of the Year ...

Jeni said...

I walked into Walmart yesterday to check on a prescription I'm (still today) waiting for and what greeted me as soon as I entered the building? A huge, fully decorated Christmas Tree! UGH!

Michelle H. said...

Yeah, Christmas is definitely early in the stores, at least by the television commercials I've seen. Gobbler day has taken a backburner. Thanks again for the kind mention.

Buck said...

You have to be a speedreader and have a HUGE danged broadband pipe just to keep up. But I think you can safely say you've created a movement. Good On Ya.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! Even though my Mom continues to decline, I am decorating the house today for the season; getting out all of my Thanksgiving decorations... and going through the recipes to make my shopping list for The Big Day! :)

Thank you, Jim, (and everyone else who posted!) for bringing the special back into Thanksgiving.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Suldog! I hope I find the Captain under my tree as well. A girl can only dream... ;)

Moogie P said...

Don't you just love it that the Google ads at the bottom of your post are all for Christmas stuff -- ornaments, decor, craft, gifts. I always thought that Google is the genesis of Skynet, and that it had a sense of irony, but now it appears that it has a moicking, cruel side!

Suldog said...

Oh, geez... I hadn't noticed that until you pointed it out, Moogie. Why did you destroy my blissful ignorance? :-)

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Oh crap!
I found myself out front with a 100' tape measure trying to figure out how many strings of lights I will need to decorate this year. I'm really tired of the old lights. Besides, they're not cheap to operate.
On the plus side, I have a good excuse. I'll be away until after Thanksgiving. So they won't even go up until about December 1 and I probably won't light them until Christmas Eve.

I just noticed a link to Dog Christmas Cards down here; misread it as Dog Christmas Carols; hope I don't hear that recording this year.

Bobbi & Noe said...

Wow! You really put effort into this. Thanks so much for your time! :)Great post!

i beati said...

my name was not there and of course I'm devastated - went to a therapist- seriously there are some marvelous blogs I cannot wait to try the others..sandy

Sueann said...

Thank you dear one for all these links!! I am surprised you don't have cramps in your fingers from all that linking going on!! Ha!
Tonight I am planning the Thanksgiving feast with our grandkids...much fun and such a lively discussion we will have. I love this holiday!!

IT (aka Ivan Toblog) said...

You really oughtn't write stuff like "The Last Roundup." Some of us remember where Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, Slim Pickens, Hopalong Cassidy and a few others have gone.

Lori said...

Wow! This is awesome to see so many participated. I could almost write a whole nother post in regards to this topic due to my trips to stores and the onslaught of Christmas. Last weekend I literally turned around and walked out of a store that had Christmas music playing loudly and all the Christmas splashed everywhere. The person standing by the entrance asked if they could help me. I politely said, " I don't do Christmas before thanksgiving." and turned on my heels.

I hope to check out the rest of the posts soon. Happy weekend to you and yours! :)

Crazed Nitwit said...

Fine. Completely miss my post about your cause. :P~~~~~~~~~~~~ I did write one but I could care less about linkage. Jest messin' wit ya!

Carolina said...

If I only had a boss, I'd ask for his or her permission to take some time off to read all these posts and the others you've posted about already. Do you think these posts will cause a revolution in the USA? Who knows!

Good luck on your quest (is quest the right word? Oh whatever. Good luck!)

Nick said...

More great links than a golf course

Shrinky said...

Ah Jim, there's faaar too many links posted up here for me to go and individually vist - but well done each and every one of you! As you know, I'd love to join in, but it gives my sweet Sam much too much pleasure to start Christmas in October (wince). I am with you in spirit, though!

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Now the ads are already all about Black Friday.
I think I'm cheesed enough to think seriously about Carolina's revolution.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all of the links - I'll be trying to go through all of them this weekend!