Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Look Up Above...

... and you will see that I have changed the title of this blog.

[Addendum 7/16/2009 - No, you won't. This post was a joke. I did change the name, to 1-A SULDOG, for the length of time this post was on the front page. Now? It makes no sense whatsoever, unless you use your imagination. Feel free to do so.]

Why? Because I'm sick of being listed so far down on the sidebars of those of you who choose to list folks alphabetically, that's why. I figure I'm missing out on whole scads of readers because of that.

(Now, if I was as egotistical a jerk as I make myself out to be in what follows, I would have said, "I figure whole scads of readers are missing out on me because of that." Bear that in mind and comment accordingly, OK?)

All my life, I've been among the downtrodden masses of those cursed with names that begin with one of the latter 13 letters of the alphabet. And "S" is 19th, so even when the rare "reverse alphabetical order" listing (or lining-up, or whatever else) occurs, I've still been relegated to 8 spots down in the order.

Boo-frickin-Hoo, huh?

I'll no doubt change it back soon enough - the "1-A" makes no sense at all - but, for now, I'm going to wait a bit and see if I pop up at the top of any listings in the next few days.

(Or see if you have any brains at all and drop me completely for having such a sucky "Me First!" attitude.)

Speaking of being dropped completely, I've removed two people from their usual sidebar listings here and put them into their very own special category lower down on the page.

[Another frickin' addendum: Nope. Same story as the first addendum.]

I did this because they... well, hell, it's all explained in the header to that category. If you really care, you could scroll down and read it.

[Yet Another Addendum: Don't bother. You probably knew that by now.]

I am the mighty and omnipotent 1-A Suldog! Fear my wrath! And my odor, as well.

(Or pity my delusions of grandeur. Your choice, and I'm fine with whatever you choose.)

I will be doing some other reorganizing around here while I'm (tee-hee) taking a break from posting, so be on your best behavior or I'll make up stupid and lonely categories for all of you weezers.

Soon, with more monomaniacal ravings.


Anonymous said...

You, are witty. :) I will have to be sure to look at your name each time, just in case you change it.

Jazz said...

I'd change you, but people can get here through the old link so Dude, I'm so not gonna bother. I haven't updated my sidebar in forever. Hell, you might even not be on it. I'll have to update the damn blog before I get to your sorry egotistical ass.

Marian Dean said...

I know how you feel, my first two surnames began with W, so I also was way down the list in alphabetical order.
Now I'm a D so I am getting my fair share these days.
I would say you are A1 really. Top class.

Love Granny

Michelle H. said...

Huh? Well, actually, I've set my sidebar so the most recent posts from people are up at the top, so you're in rotation whenever you make a new post.

And, do remember, my place comes in at "T" on the list. Or if people drop the "The," then I come as "SUR." So you are always above me -- if that makes you feel better and more special. If not, think about this as being special (and you'll know exactly what I mean by this phrase.)

Earth-2... the universe's largest amplitheater with pole dances... and Betsy Ross.

Suldog said...

Joan - It would behoove you to not only look at my name to see if it's changed, but also to re-read every post I've ever written, comparing them to print-outs you may have made previously, just to see if I've changed any of the punctuation, too.

Jazz - My ass may be egotistical, but it is NOT sorry. It is a fine ass. As a matter of fact, it is probably the most physically fit part of my entire body. This is because of all the squatting I've done being a catcher. If the rest of me were in as fine a shape as my ass is, I wouldn't be sitting here typing blog stuff. I'd be making megabucks posing for romance novel covers.

Granny - Well, see, there's one advantage you females have over us males. You can opt to get a new surname when you hook up with someone. The best we males can hope for is a new nickname, preferably one that doesn't have a modifier like "stumpy".

Michelle - My sidebar is also by time, although it is by the time I first put someone up there, regardless of alphabetical order. When someone transgresses the "no posts in 30 days" rule, they get dumped. If they start posting again, they come back on the list at the bottom.

(That should be a hint to you in about 15 days, by the way ;-) )

Jeni said...

I think my sidebar goes by the time of the posting, but on my reader, it comes in alphabetically. I don't know that I can change that and considering the problems I had a while back with my reader, I don't think I care to mess around with it ever again. If it ain't broke, I ain't gonna fix it. And besides, I read your posts every time you put something up cause I am true blue and loyal to your prose and to clearing out my reader too!

tshsmom said...

I don't know how to break this to you, but a lot of bloggers are using blogspot's bloglist. This list is organized by how recently you've posted.

The good news is that you post a lot, so you're probably at the top of a lot of bloglists. ;)

Buck said...

I'll no doubt change it back soon enough - the "1-A" makes no sense at all - but, for now, I'm going to wait a bit and see if I pop up at the top of any listings in the next few days.

And I shall wait to see when or if you drop the 1-A and change it back, as my blog-roll is finely handcrafted... no cheap-ass automation or code produced in India for us. Nosiree. This is what we call a Mexican Stand-Off in these parts.

Actually, I have little (if any) sympathy for your plight. Those of us relegated to the "USA! USA!" portion of your blog roll are suckin' hind tit, dontcha think? :D

Suldog said...

Jeni & tshsmom - I know that many of you use a blogroll that lists folks in order of their latest postings and I love that! Thank you!

(Truly, I don't have any real problem with ANY of this. I'm just kvetching because I like to once in a while.)

Buck - Hah! Leave it to you to spot the immediate flaw in my ranting! I suppose I could put the good ol' USofA up top for a while... I'll take it under consideration :-)

Ananda girl said...

Ignoring fear, wrath, odor and pitiful grandeur... you're now at the top of my list, Suldog. I was a K through school, smack dab in the middle and it used to really tick me off that I was never first at anything. Of course it got worse when I married an "S".

I'm also a bit of a narcissist. ;)
Hence, I grant your wish.

Rhea said...

Ya ever look at the first page of the telephone White Pages? It's full of people just like you. Gotta be at the front of the pack. The head of the class. That page contains names like: "AAAAAAAAAAA Smith." I'm not kidding.

Suldog said...

Ananda Girl - You, my love, I gift with a sulsmooch! Thank you!

(Well, it's in the mail, anyway. I can't seem to post a photo here.)

Suldog said...

Rhea - I briefly toyed with changing the name of this blog, long ago, to Aardvarkdog, but that made even less sense!

Rosaria Williams said...

You might have changed your standing on somebody's sidebar; but, did you change their opinion of you? This is all a game, my young friend.

Brian Miller said...

lol. let me know if it works...

Eddie Bluelights said...

If you wanted to appear first then why did you not use "A1 Suldog" to both be first and to show you as the best blogger to boost your flagging ego!! Not sure whether a computer's logic goes for numeric-alpha first or alpha-numeric. Loved the filing system logic of your followers and where they are situated in your blog. Enjoy coming round especially if you try to give me a bloody nose but look here Suldog, you'll have to get up really early to get one over on me!!!! Can't wait to give you another award!! - Eddie

Hilary said...

lol.. methinks you're bored whilst on break. Or addicted. Or just a little bit crazy.

Wait! Don't move me to the bottom category. :]

It's lonely in the last part of the alphabet... come back!

Thumbelina said...

Oh my!
I fear your odour (with or without the u) very much indeed...

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Such a hoot, even when you're not posting your posting!
You're in a blog list on mine that is sorted by time, so often at the tippy-top; doesn't matter what your blog is called.
Why not just petition everyone you know to do that ;-)
Peace, Judi

Karen said...

Why not A1 Sulog... like the sauce? When I want a document to be at the top of mydocs, I always give it a name like AAAAAAAAinventory.doc so I know where you're coming from. Not where you're going, particularly, but where you're coming from...

lime said...

bwahaha, my side bar is so completely out of date it's sad. i identify with the alphabetically plight. my maiden name was pretty far down in the alphabet. i married up alphabetically.

xxx said...

Too funny :-)
now you are 1-A you'll be listed under O for one :-)

Great to be here. I've tried for a long while, but unfortunately I haven't been able to open your site. Not your fault - it's mine for having internet explorer 8. Sometimes it doesn't allow me to do what I would like.

A big hug for you as it sounds like you 're needing a little attention.

Take care & best wishes always

PS... no matter where you fall on the list ....I'll always remember you as a super hero 'cause that's how you were when we first met :-)

MVD said...

I'm still curious about the comment insults which triggered a demotion to the sidebar doldrums. I can't help but chuckle that you've been slurred by "a Devonshire maid" and "an English flower."

Clearly, the Brits have it in for you. Must be their cultural dismissal of softball.

i beati said...

We have a route 1_A I thought maybe you were driving ..sandy

Funny Girl said...

I will update my sidebar on Saturday when I update my other stuff and we'll see if you pop to the top....Jeez, Mr. Ego

Suldog said...

Lakeviewer - I doubt it, at least not for the better.

Brian - If it works, I'll be the most amazed one here. Also, I'll be severely disappointed, since I did it just as a joke and wanted to change it back with my next post. If it actually works, I might be stuck with it.

Eddie - It's "1-A" rather than "A-1" because I am not a steak sauce.

Hilary - Methinks you're right on all counts (except the one about me moving you to the bottom, love.)

Thumbelina - As well you should. It has been known make women swoon at 50 paces.

Judi - Petition everyone? Do I seem that vain? Well, sure I do, but still, it's too much work.

Karen - As I said to Eddie, I'm not a steak sauce. As for anyone knowing where I'm going, I'm afraid only God knows that (and I'm hoping it's more northerly than southerly.)

Lime - Well, of course you did. You're an intelligent woman! And giving you the better-leading-initial name was a small price for your hubby to pay for hooking up with such a fine woman, so it all works out.

Ribbon - Shhhhhhh! I'm in my secret identity now!

MVD - One said she didn't have time to read all of my drivel, the other appears to have taken me off of her own sidebar (and she's living in France, which might explain why she did so.) In any case, one lives in Canada and the other, as mentioned, lives in France, although both are originally from the UK. That either says something about the UK or about the lax immigration laws in the other two countries.

Sandy - Route 1-A is a lovely road around Northern New England, following the seacoast for the most part. If I become identified with it, all will not have been in vain (much, but not all.)

Funny Girl - No, Mr. Ego begins with "M", which is pretty much as bad as what I had to begin with, so please use "1-A".

ALL - This is a JOKE. Wherever you list me, I'm Suldog, PLEASE. OK. I have actual work to do now. thx.bye.

Tara said...

Always number one with me :)

Suldog said...

Tara - You as well, darlin'. You as well.

eileen said...

Growing up, I always felt bad for the girl whose last name began with a Z. She was called last for everything!

Unknown said...

Personally I think you should go with:

A-1 Suldog Sauce: All the flavor of the original Suldog with even more preservatives.

I hope that doesn't cound and land my sorry ass in that category...

Thumbelina said...

You were joking??

Oh no. I thought that you were having real live arguments and REALLY upsetting people. I am so disappointed now to think that it was all a joke.


Never mind 1-A.
You're still top dawg to me. :)
That is how you say 'Suldog' isn't it? - "top dawg"?

[who said the brits had no humour? I mean humor? HAH!]

Anonymous said...

You are A ok and number 1 on my list always...grovel grovel. I use the 'most recent post' thingummy, so I'll get to you as soon as, providing I'm not sulking somewhere because my bloody PC is acting up again [keep losing provider]
Sadly I always forget to change publishing date in my drafts, so that if it take me three days, or more to write a post it goes out way down everyones list.

call yurself what you like, sulk and pout and pretend you hate us all...doesn't wash with me boyo.

Suldog said...

Eileen - I've been doing some thinking about this whole thing and have come to the realization that sometimes it's good to be called last. For instance, if you line up to get vaccinations and the first person keels over after getting hers, or if some guy is holding a bunch of you hostage and he has a six-shooter and you are the seventh person due to your name beginning with "X" (although I doubt most hostage-takers would be quite that orderly, so skip that example.)

Jenn - Your slogan alone gives me pause to think about changing it to "A-1".

[pause to think]

No. Nice try, though. I do like the idea of more preservatives!

Thumbelina - Actually, here in The States we pronounce it "pooch".

Moannie - I do the same thing sometimes. Truly pisses me off when I do.

By the way, anyone who calls me "boyo" is alright by me. I've always loved that term. Must be the Irish in me :-)

Mr. Mcknob said...

Great idea! LOL. I wouldn't have shared my reason if I were you because what's gonna happen when I become "1-A Mr. McKnob?" You would be in the same boat.

I thought "M" was too far down the list. Glad to know someone feels my pain. I like the ones listed by last update. Rare but I like 'em.

Thanks for dropping by to comment!

GreenJello said...

You still show up as plain old Suldog on my sidebar. So much for your Evil Blog Domination Plans.

Shrinky said...

Thanks for bringing it to my attention how far down your sorry sidebar I get my whispered mention here (running off to list you as "zappy Suldog" on my sidebar, as I type)..

Seriously, so good to know you are using your break from the blog in such a constructive manner - snigger.

bluntdelivery said...

aaaaaa hahaa. you changed it to 1-A. well, there's just no way that wouldn't be first, whether numerically or alphabetically.

you ass.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hi, Jim!!! So nice to hear from a friendly "voice" while I'm on vacation!!!! I miss you, and your blog...and look forward to returning...but in the meantime, I'm truly enjoying my break...and am finding myself much refreshed just for the few weeks break that I've had so far!!! Enjoy your break as well!!! I like the rationale behind the change...Wonder if I could do something similar with Sniffles and Smiles? LOL...All my best to you, my wonderful friend!!!! ~Janine

Suldog said...

Shrinky - Hey, Doll, you are listed - under "UK", admittedly - by order of appearance (that is, when I first discovered you, or you first listed me.) Then, if you didn't post during a 30-day stretch, you were removed and sent to the galapago further down the sidebar. All things considered, you're in a pretty good spot, my UK friend. I could have gone all jingoistic on your butt and listed EVERYBODY from the USA before you, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm a nice guy. :-)

Reasons said...

I'm still getting to grips with the idea that James Taylor arouses you!

Well I'm right behind you on the alphabetical blog list Suldog - maybe I should be A Reason to be Cheerful, but then that wouldn't be an Ian Dury song and it sounds a bit naff.. you do get me mulling over some bizzare stuff you know

Beth said...

I feel your pain. My blog starts with a frickin' W. What the hell was I thinking?

Maybe I should start from the bottom up from here on out. But in that case, you'd want to rename the blog something with a Z.

Angie Ledbetter said...

If you get tired of or become disgrunted with your new blog name, might you consider "A-H"??

Sandy Kessler said...

It's about time Wakefield is an all star for criminy's sake !!!!!!!!

Suldog said...

Angie - I think folks pretty much know I'm "A-H" without me advertising it further...

Sandy - Damn Straight! If his name had been Abercrombie, I bet he would have been selected before this!!!

EVERYBODY - I love you all, whatever my name might be.

Sandi McBride said...

You've always been 1-A to me my friend, ever since I discovered you at David's place...but we'll let you change if you feel you must!

Janet said...

Since I have to physically reorganize my sidebar to rearrange you, and I'm far too lazy for that, you're stuck where you are. Does it help that you're the ONLY blog I've read this week?

Shammickite said...

My maiden name began with R... always at the end of the list.
When I married, my new name began with S.... even further down the list.
Oh well....

44 said...

Sully You kill me, I Love reading your Blogs and when you write about me in them as well, shot i should get you a teddy bear.

Oh ya Nice Buns (must be all that catching)

♥ Braja said...

Drop you? No way...who would I laugh at??

♥ Braja said...

I wish this bloody Blogger thing would let me follow you. It must be fate...

Unknown said...

Haha, you're too funny : )

My maiden name was "M" and my married name is "L", so I always end up in the middle of the alphabet whether they go forward or backward. I'll have to come up with a strategy ... : )

Nestor Family said...

A category for me could be... "Lazy But Sweet Blogger Girl"... whattya think?

Happy Day! Glad you are UP on my list!!!

Stu said...

See, this is *exactly* why I am jealous of you. A simple post about your change of blog title and you get fifty-something comments. :-p

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Sometimes it's good to clean house.


Ananda girl said...

I'll be damned... I am right there on top!

Thanks! I'm moving you up to sainthood.

Saz said...

ah but...I have mine set on most recently updated..ya boo sucks man! tee hee

Crazed Nitwit said...

Now you got me thinking of steak sauce...thanks a metric ton Dawg.


Chris Stone said...

"A-1 Suldog Sauce: All the flavor of the original Suldog with even more preservatives." that's pretty good, Jenn.

i need to change my blog roll to show in order of posts. well. first i need to post more!

Chris said...

You've overlooked something, my friend. Every blogger can "Rename" the blogs on his/her blogroll, so no matter what YOU call it, I could just as easily rename you ZZZZYX-SULDOG.

And I think I just might do that.

But you hold a special distinction of honor on my site anyway, so the point would be moot.

Suza said...

My Ode to the Sidebar

1-A Suldog?
It matters not
Where he fits
In the blogger’s spot

His ass is fine
His wit is great
The rest of you weezers
Could meet a cruel fate

His wrath, his odour,
You may fear
It might bring a smile
It could bring a tear

If one ever doubted
Suldog’s delusions
They’re on the sideline
Nursing contusions

He’s taking a break
His ravings on standby
His followers miss him
Not quite knowing why

With vim and with vigour
He’ll soon entertain
All is right in blogland
Suldog doth reign

Anonymous said...

tell KLO if she marries the bombers all-world softball player atton (there are four on the team) she could be up there

Adamity73 said...

Sully! What's up, man?!

1-A makes me want steak. Thanks for that. ;-)

Adamity73 said...

Suza: I liked the rhyme. Gonna have to check out your bli-zog.

Christina RN LMT said...


And where the fuck am I, pray tell?!

I have not found myself lurking under any category in your sidebar. Do I suck THAT much? Don't answer that...

Lisa Johnson said...

LOL! Ha! Like A1 Steak Sauce. You know that everything has a food referance for me.

And I can tell you personally, that there is a nice alphabetical advantage. : )

Alison said...

When I googled 1-A this is what I got as the first picture on the page! LOL!!

Ericka said...

66 comments? clearly it's working. go, 1-A, go!

Suldog said...

Suza - I am honored - nay, thrilled! - to have been immortalized in verse. I will do everything in my power to make you sorry you did it :-)

Chris Stone said...

just changed my sidebar! *but forgot the hyphen!* lol.