Friday, August 03, 2007

Quick Survey

Here's a little something to keep you busy over the weekend. You can give as much or as little detail as you'd like.

1 - How many paying jobs have you held in your lifetime? I'd say include all full-time positions, as well as those part-timers that were held for a significant length of time; maybe a couple of months or more. For instance, I would include "paperboy" as one of mine. It was certainly part-time, but I did it for more than a year.

2 - What was the highest-paying gig you ever had? Any length of time on this one.

3 - Finally, what is the longest length of time you've been employed at one place?

I'll give you my answers next week. Have a great weekend!


Barbara said...

1. About 14, although I could be forgetting a couple.

2. Probably my current job

3. 8 years and counting

Mushy said...

1. 14
2. Communications Manager - 8 years
3. 29 years

Anonymous said...


1. At least 20. Between age 25 and 34, I worked a minimum of 2 jobs, at most 4 (although that only lasted 3 grueling months) concurrently. A lot of my jobs were for companies where I worked more than once, or where I had more than one position with the company, so I'd say at least 20, but probably more like 28.
2. Overall, my current job. But per hour? A place I used to wait tables in Hawaii. I'd come home with $150 in cash tips, after tipping out the bartender (unless the bartender was me), kitchen staff, and host, after 3 of work. It was only part-time, though, and the owner was volatile, and they went under anyway, so it didn't last.
3. Current job - 8 years, and I quite frankly hope to retire with them.

Suldog said...

Thank you for the answers, folks! Later this week, I'll compare notes with you.

David Sullivan said...

1. 2 Full Time, 2 Long Term Part-Time, 12 Short Term Part-Time,2 under the table, 1 selling illegal subsatnces between '84-'86.

2. Salary: Current Job

One Days Work: $300+ bartending a 150 person wedding with me and one other bartender.

One Minutes Work: $600, gained illegally and no it wasn't prostitution.

3. 10 years, current job is in 9th year.

Anonymous said...

1. About 20, although one of those was recurring over about 8 summers.
2. One night in October of last year I made 1000.00...
Get your mind out of the gutter! I AM a DJ after all.. it was a wedding. Other than that, my current position is the best paying I've held
3. 8 years with a company you might be familiar with (since you still work there) and the summer job in Maine