Friday, August 03, 2007

Quick Survey

Here's a little something to keep you busy over the weekend. You can give as much or as little detail as you'd like.

1 - How many paying jobs have you held in your lifetime? I'd say include all full-time positions, as well as those part-timers that were held for a significant length of time; maybe a couple of months or more. For instance, I would include "paperboy" as one of mine. It was certainly part-time, but I did it for more than a year.

2 - What was the highest-paying gig you ever had? Any length of time on this one.

3 - Finally, what is the longest length of time you've been employed at one place?

I'll give you my answers next week. Have a great weekend!


Barbara said...

1. About 14, although I could be forgetting a couple.

2. Probably my current job

3. 8 years and counting

Mushy said...

1. 14
2. Communications Manager - 8 years
3. 29 years

Jen Stewart said...


1. At least 20. Between age 25 and 34, I worked a minimum of 2 jobs, at most 4 (although that only lasted 3 grueling months) concurrently. A lot of my jobs were for companies where I worked more than once, or where I had more than one position with the company, so I'd say at least 20, but probably more like 28.
2. Overall, my current job. But per hour? A place I used to wait tables in Hawaii. I'd come home with $150 in cash tips, after tipping out the bartender (unless the bartender was me), kitchen staff, and host, after 3 of work. It was only part-time, though, and the owner was volatile, and they went under anyway, so it didn't last.
3. Current job - 8 years, and I quite frankly hope to retire with them.

Suldog said...

Thank you for the answers, folks! Later this week, I'll compare notes with you.

David Sullivan said...

1. 2 Full Time, 2 Long Term Part-Time, 12 Short Term Part-Time,2 under the table, 1 selling illegal subsatnces between '84-'86.

2. Salary: Current Job

One Days Work: $300+ bartending a 150 person wedding with me and one other bartender.

One Minutes Work: $600, gained illegally and no it wasn't prostitution.

3. 10 years, current job is in 9th year.

DJ Big Mick said...

1. About 20, although one of those was recurring over about 8 summers.
2. One night in October of last year I made 1000.00...
Get your mind out of the gutter! I AM a DJ after all.. it was a wedding. Other than that, my current position is the best paying I've held
3. 8 years with a company you might be familiar with (since you still work there) and the summer job in Maine