Friday, June 01, 2007

Shaved Cats & Found Money

From the title, you might think this is just a re-run of yesterday's piece. Nope.

However, so many of you had interesting stories concerning your own shaved cats (or opinions, like mine, concerning the shaving of cats, period) that I thought I'd keep the topic open and fresh.

Like a wound.

So, feel free to keep spouting off in the "comments" section.

The other topic yesterday was that of finding money on the street. Here's a simple question that everybody can answer, and please do so:

What is the largest amount of money you have ever found?

You may wish to tell where you found it; whether or not you searched for the owner; what you did with it, assuming you kept it; and any other pertinent and/or humorous details. If you have such a long story that you feel the need to put it up on your own blog, please include a link to this page so that we can all share.

Let's see if I can start the ball rolling.

The largest amount of money I ever found was a twenty-dollar bill. I found it in a supermarket parking lot. I was only a teen, so it was a huge find. I did NOT attempt to find the previous owner - I think it probably would have been near impossible, anyway. I spent it on comic books, candy bars, sodas, baseball cards and an actual baseball. I think I may have also bought some catnip for my (unshaven) cat.

There you go. Have at it! See you Monday.


KAYLEE said...

oh Gosh,This is hard.I did actually find a $50 dollar bill on the ground inside a grocery store once I was like you and DID NOT try and find the owner in fact,my mom did not even notice I found it,until after we left the store.I was quite sneeky about it.

Anonymous said...

When I got my new puppy about 2 year ago, I of course had to walk him every day, like 3 times a day. Because I am out so much I find money more often. One day last year I found 3 $20 bills all rolled together -- 60 bucks! That was my biggest find. However, one day a long time ago a roommate of mine found a wad of cash ($1,000 or more). It was probably from a drug deal, as I lived in a part of Jamaica Plain that had that kind of thing. She called the police. Jeez, I would have kept it!

Suldog said...

Rhea's response raises a new question for me: Did she finally get the money? Or did somebody claim it? Or did the police just keep it? Any of the above? said...

I find pennys...some heads, some tails! I have no luck either way.

dga said...

I was out for a bike ride in a wealthy suburb when I noticed a bunch of ATM receipts and cash blowing around at the side of the road. I stopped, found the wallet, which had been stuffed to overflowing, full of credit cards, ID, about $200, and said receipts.
I found the guy's number and returned his belongings. He had left the wallet on the roof when leaving his tennis club. He gave me a really nice bottle of wine. And then, the next Christmas, also gave me a $50 gift certificate good at the local sporting goods place. That's where I got my camping stove.

Anonymous said...

Largest amount found: $25 in the parking lot of the Outback Steakhouse in Hospital City. 5 each $5.00 bills blowing around on the asphalt.

I took it as a sign that I was supposed to go eat steak.

It was delicious!

I feel obligated to point out that it is just a matter of time before someone searching on Google for something *entirely unrelated* to the shaven kitties and thier lion cut hairdos stumbles in here...

Boy, won't *they* be surprised!

Anonymous said...

When i was 13 and living in Brockton i was skipping school one day (I had a couple of test and didn't study for any of them) so as i am walking around kicking bottles and anything else that was in my way i kicked a brown paper bag and out came some money. I looked around and saw that noby was around. i grabbed the bag stuffed it in my school bag and walked away. I got home and finally opened the bag there was 500 dollars in there. So i did what any other person would have done.

I spent it lasted about 3 days I bought pizza and video games. Money well spent


Anonymous said...

On my way to a concert(Phil Lesh from the Grateful Dead)last summer i stopped by Best Buy to get 2 hard drives for my computer that were on sale for $50 a piece. As I was walking to the show I was walking accross o highyway bridge and found $100(5 $20s). Payed for the hard drives. Woo Hoo
Greg Sullivan

Suldog said...

Those are some pretty cool stories. I always thought my $20 was probably a bigger find than most. I guess it wasn't.

And yes, Thimbelle, I had considered what would happen when someone was looking for shaved-something-else. That's why I decided to at least give them a picture this time :-)