Monday, August 07, 2006

Mr. Happy Softball Guy Is Back!

(You'll notice that I'm using a new template. If you have an opinion about it, one way or the other, let me know.)

So, there was yesterday. Today is a different story altogether.

Tonight, the playoffs begin for my weekday softball team. There's a distinct possibility that they'll end for us tonight, also, but I wouldn't still be playing this game at my age if hope didn't spring eternal.

We finished in fifth place. This means that we play in the "play-in" round. We play the fourth-place finishers. In order for us to advance, we must win two games tonight. The other team, by virtue of finishing fourth, only needs to beat us once to eliminate us.

Since the other team I play for has been having trouble fielding a complete squad for games, I'm not counting on there being more games for me to play there this year. I'd like to think I have those remaining games in my pocket as backup, but I honestly don't know if I'll get to play them. So, this may well be my final time playing this year. Considering my age and general physical condition, there's always the chance it could be my last game, period. You can bet your bottom dollar that every drop of sweat I have in my body will be left on the field tonight, win or lose.

Yeah, it's just a softball league that nobody outside of the teams involved (and maybe a few family members) cares anything about. That stuff doesn't matter to me. Tonight it's the most important thing in my life for as long as we can make it last. That's just the way I'm wired; I can't help it.

Please say a prayer for me to compete to the highest level of whatever skills I posess, and also that nobody gets hurt. That's the prayer I say before every game I play. Tonight, I'll also take as much outside help as I can get, thanks.

Tomorrow with the results.


Anonymous said...

Prayer said. Good luck!

DJ Big Mick said...

This is NOT a wisecrack (although I understand you might think that) but I saw a thing on Chronicle the other night where guys (and girls) some of them 20 years older than you still played ball on a weekly basis. They seemed to be pretty competetive with each other too, so it might be that your passion for softball doesn't have to be squashed. If these guys can still do it at their advanced age and in their condition, you could too. And I'm thinking you could be the David Ortiz/Kurt Schilling/Mark Loretta of that league... dude you would be a softball GOD! Think about it is all I'm saying...

Suldog said...

Thanks, DJ. Did you post this before or after my face was crushed last night?

(Just kidding - it wasn't crushed. That's how I always look...)