Monday, August 21, 2006

Enough Whining!

Frickin' fair-weather Red Sox fans. Go back in the suburban-yuppie BMW-infested holes you crawled out of. I've never heard such a bunch of crybaby yowling in my life.

If you buy a ticket, sure, you deserve to be entertained. But, do you seriously think that these professional athletes are NOT giving it what they've got? Do you think they're mailing it in? They're trying. Some have come through magnificently - Manny, for one, for sure. Some have played very well - Let's put Ortiz, Schilling, Youkilis and Papelbon in this category, at least. Some others? Not so good - Timlin comes to mind.

In any case, I haven't seen anybody dogging it. So you got your money's worth. Shut up and - if you're truly a fan and not some johnny-damon-come-lately-scum-sucking-frontrunner - enjoy the games for what they are.

Yes, it sucks that we're now as far back as we are. You know what? If we were further back, I'd still be watching the games. So would a whole lot of real fans. Some of us grew up on teams that routinely finished 9th. Hell, some of you don't even know what it's like to ever have a team finish 9th, do you? There's never even been a 9th place since you started following ball.

My hopes and dreams as a child rode on the backs of Bob Tillman and Eddie Bressoud. We knew that there was no hope by the time May 1st rolled around. If you've had a good ride until mid-August, consider yourself blessed.

Some of you started rooting for the Red Sox in 2004. Where were you before then? Don't answer - I don't care. Wherever it was, you might want to think about going back there and quit yer whining. I waited through 40 years of rooting before the Sox won it all. How about you? 5? 10? Chicken feed. Poor baby. The Sox have lost four games in a row. Wah, wah, wah. My Dad lived his entire 63 years without ever seeing them win it once. Did he have opinions? Did he say his say? Yes, but he didn't whine. There's a major difference.

Enough. From you and from me, too. Game starts in 15 minutes. It might not be pretty - or it might be great - but whatever it is, it's Red Sox baseball. I'll be enjoying it. You? That's up to you, I guess.


Sharfa said...

My Mom and Dad were at Friday nights 'painful' game. They love the Sox, no tmatter what.

Stu said...

As a die-hard Red Sox fan, I can say this: The Sox have a great team this year, they really do. They've won more games than 23 teams. Nothing to be ashamed of. 5 games against the Yankees, and the Yankees were just better. They won the games fair and square. Maybe they have better coaching or better training. Who knows. What I do know is that there are almost 40 games left for the Red Sox to win, and I intend to root for them, knowing in my heart that they can win every damn one of 'em!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Great post, Suldog.
Stay with our boys, they always deserve our support.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the redsux. Youkilis fans are a fairweather plague. Enjoy the Celts win - they are going to suck for another 20 years once Garnett leaves for Ny.