Friday, July 21, 2006

How Bush Can We Get?

(Today's original posting, decidedly non-political in nature, may be found here. If you don't want to hear me ranting, don't read what follows. You've been warned.)

OK, so The Leader Of The Free World (as he probably likes to refer to himself, when he's standing in front of a mirror and pretending to talk to Osama Bin Laden a la Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver - "You talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to me? I'm The Leader Of The Free World here! I don't see anybody else here. You talkin' to ME?") gives a five-second backrub to a German and there are whole armies of mental midgets pooping all over themselves while they jump on his back and scream "Sexual Harrassment!"

Tell you what - why don't you all grab yourselves a nice steaming hot mug of SHUT THE FUCK UP.

This guy is DROPPING BOMBS on people in the Middle East, you idiots. You're going to get all upset because he actually probably maybe might have tried to be nice? Maybe it was innapropriate behavior; maybe not. But do you seriously think the guy was trying to cop a cheap feel? Nobody - no, not even this president, no matter how much of a scumbag you might think he is and how low you think his IQ might be - is that freakin' dumb.

The whole world watches his every move. Think about it. If you knew a camera was following you around every second of your day in public, and that any tiny misstep you make will be given airime on the nightly news shows (as well as being posted on every snarky website from Anchorage to Timbuktu) would YOU seriously try to grope another world leader? Would you being putting the make on the German Chancellor?

The level of "thought" that goes into our political discourse is sickening. We appear more and more each day to be a nation comprised mainly of whining and driveling snot-nosed morons obsessed with fingerpointing at supposed moral outrages while the world around us is being riddled with actual bullets.

Get upset about something that deserves your being upset.

Storm the courts and slap the judges upside their heads until they understand just exactly what the fourth ammendment to The Constitution means when it says "... no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Grab by the collar every newspaper editor in these here United States and remind them, by kicking their asses around the block until they understand, that unless they stand the fuck up NOW and make use of their freedom of the press to defend all of the other freedoms that are being usurped daily, they won't have their favorite freedom for much longer - if, indeed, they truly do even now.

Or, if you really think the guy is a booger-brained dipshit, and you think he's the one mainly responsible for untold suffering and death, gather your numbers together and kick down the doors of The White House and lynch the motherfucker. If there are enough of you, one of you is bound to get through.

But, rail and cry and howl outrage concerning a five-second backrub?

(* sound of ripping his own eyeballs out and setting his hair on fire, just before disemboweling himself with a rusty ice pick *)


Anonymous said...

Yikes!! You are right about what should worry us Sully! However, are you sure people are worried about "sexual harrassment" and not just totally inappropriate behavior for a business meeting.......especially with someone you are not particualarly close with. He is a scary, weird and inappropriate fellow...lets get back to some simple but effective BJ action...the recipient didn't claim sexual harrassment in that case. Don't turn your back to me next tuesday evening..........I'm thinking back rubs all around might help the Flames.

Suldog said...

If they ARE worried about inappropriate behavior, I don't have as much of an argument. I've actually heard people throwing around the words "sexual harrassment", though. Those people wouldn't know sexual harrassment if it came up and bit them on the ass (which would be some, wouldn't it?)

As for the Flames... Hey, I'll take a backrub any day, any time, from anyone. Even you.

Stu said...

First, yeah, it is crazy that the press is focused on this, instead of President Bush's disregard and disrespect for the Constitution, or focused on the war in Iraq.

Second, yeah, he was crazy inappropriate and immature, like he was back at his frat house and she was the Dean Of Students.

Third, it was indeed sexual harassment. He wouldn't have done it to a man, especially a male leader of a nation. He did something that men do to women in many businesses (even today). It is disrespectful (he didn't seek permission or even give her warning), and it is domineering, disrespectful of her position. It was intended to demean her, as he demeans lots of other people by assigning them nicknames. Gee wilickers, he refers to Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service and MP for Sedgefield as "Blair". Are you kidding me with this? Can we please elect someone to the highest office in the land who isn't a jackass?

Suldog said...


With all due respect, I still think it wasn't sexual harrassment.

You can assume he wouldn't have done it to a man, but you don't know. You can speculate on what the intent was, but you don't know.

I've been both giver and recipient of this sort of thing, in workplaces, given to and taken from both male and female co-workers. In all instances, it was strictly a nice gesture from one person to another. Perhaps I've worked in very relaxed workplaces as compared to the overall population.

However, yes, he is a jackass. We can certainly agree on that :-)

Anonymous said...

There are 2 possibilities here. The first is that he IS that stupid and forgot his every move is recorded and broadcast to the entire world. Scary!
The second is that he simply thinks he can do whatever he wants, to whoever he wants, whenever he wants and damn the consequences. Much, much scarier!|
And for the record, I never once offered you a backrub or sexually harrassed you in any way, no matter how much you begged! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Sassy said...

You already know how I feel. I like him. Fuck the naysayers, I didn't like Clinton, but I still supported him b/c he was the president. None of the other assholes who spend all their damn time complaining could do any better with that much responsibility. We're all HUMAN and therefore by nature a bunch of fucking morons. Hmph. You try running the U.S. (and I don't mean "You - suldog," I mean, "You - america"

Suldog said...

What do you mean "not you - Suldog"??? You don't trust me to run the country??? I'd be personally insulted if I had any dignity.

Didn't you read my platform?