Monday, December 05, 2005


...was My Grandma's 100th birthday party. It was held at the Adams Heights Mens Club. My stepfather, Bill MacDonald, is a member there. There's a very nice function hall on the second floor which we used for the proceedings.

A four-piece band (piano, mandolin, sax, drums) played standards, and many of the attendees got up and took a turn singing. There were poems written and read. A proclamation was made - Steve Tobin, the state rep, came by with an official document from the house of representatives, recognizing Maybelle's life accomplishments. Several of us made food for the party (including many of Bill's family, who are awfully nice to have done so for my Grandma. Thanks very much, guys!) I made a half-ton of beef stew on Saturday, and MY WIFE baked a slew of cupcakes.

Actually, the cupcakes were part of a cute idea that MY WIFE had. Instead of just a traditional cake, MY WIFE and my cousins baked 101 cupcakes, which we laid out on a table in an ever widening circle, one candle each. When the candles were lit, we sang "Happy Birthday" and the great-grandkids helped Maybelle blow them out. As a centerpiece, there was a beautiful cake made by Konditor Meister, which my mother won by entering my Grandma in a contest at radio station WJDA.

Maybelle was quite touched by the whole thing, and a good time was had by all.

One of the most distressing things was the response I got to the piece I wrote about my Grandma. I made copies to distribute as part of a booklet which my Mom put together concerning Maybelle's life and times. Many folks complimented me on it, and I certainly thank them for that, but now they'll be heading here to read other stuff by me. That means they'll find out I'm not all sweetness and light - my cover is blown - and that most of what I put out here is sophomoric drivel with little or no redeeming social value.

That's about it for today, folks. I'm weary and worn from the party prep/execution, and I think I'm nearing the peak of a vicious cold. This morning in the shower I was bringing up green and brown lungers that looked like they could have walked away under their own power if I hadn't acted quickly and directed them down the drain.

(See? That's my usual style, if you can call it that.)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and see you real soon.

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