Sunday, November 19, 2017


If you've been coming here for any appreciable length of time (which is a puzzler, but I appreciate your mental illness) then you know that I always refer to MY WIFE as MY WIFE; that is, in capital letters. It is a form of respect.

The Boston Herald, which I am proud to be published in, does not allow me to put MY WIFE in all capitals. Oh, well. They pay me, so I won't get all pouty about it. Otherwise, they are remarkably accommodating of my peccadilloes (and I'm not even married to them.)

Anyway, today's piece in the Herald is mostly about MY WIFE. You should click onto this link and go read it. As a bonus, there's a story about me being a dope. What more could you want? Before you do, though, here is a selection of photographs and/or caricatures of MY WIFE, just in case you want to picture her while you're reading my love letter.

(There'll be another link later, so you don't worry about scrolling back up. I'm always thinking of your ease and comfort! Note: these are not in chronological or even logical order. Enjoy the random love!)

Here's the link to the article, as promised. Thanks for stopping by!

Soon, with more better stuff.