Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Continuing Saga Of... Oh, To Hell With It...

I'm in the Boston Herald again. If you like me, you should go there and make appropriate commentary.

I think this makes four times in the past eight days I've sent you someplace else to read my stuff. I apologize for being so successful that I've become a royal pain in the ass.

(I am such a tool. Now that I've bragged about what a big damn deal I am, I'll no doubt immediately sink back into total obscurity.)

(Unless, of course, you really like me and go to the Herald website and say very complimentary things about me, thus convincing them to keep buying my stuff, which means I'll keep sending you there. Eventually, I'll win a Pulitzer, then I'll have all of you over to my place for waffles the day after!)

OK, I guess that takes care of whatever that was. If not, let me know.

Soon, with more batter stuff.

(See what I did there? Waffles!)