Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow Angel

As with the Blizzard of '78, everyone likely has some tale concerning the Blizzard of '15. This is mine.

You've heard of snow angels. Those are impressions made in the snow – usually by a youngster – via falling backward into the snow while waving arms and legs. When the person gets up, it looks like an angel was there. Well, my wife made one during the blizzard and...

I need to go back a few minutes. It was afternoon and we were dreading having to shovel. However, our duplex neighbor made the suggestion that we pitch in and hire someone to do the work. That idea received a resounding “yes” from my wife and me, so a call was made and we awaited the arrival of a small crew of shovelers, plowers, etc

I had to make sure our car was cleaned of snow so I could drive it into the street while they cleared our long driveway. My wife volunteered to help. After we had done that job, she playfully fell backward and made a snow angel.

And now, having set the scene, we can get to the real story here. I was run over by a snowplow.

The crew arrived and was clearing things, but the snowplow clearing the driveway got stuck. I volunteered to help push it. The driver is trying to back out, so I start pushing from the front of the truck. This is all well and good except I'M BETWEEN THE FRONT OF THE TRUCK AND THE PLOW.

(You've heard the old proverb about God taking care of drunkards and fools? Well, I wasn't drunk, so you can draw your own conclusions concerning my IQ.)

I push and the truck starts to move. I slip, though, and the plow blade runs over the entire length of my leg before I can roll out of the way. Miracle of miracles, it was at just the right height and angle to touch my full leg – I could feel it travel from my ankle to my upper thigh - but not actually dig in or damage it in any way. By the time I realized what was happening, it was over. All I could do was stand up, smile, and reassure the very scared driver that I was OK.

After the adrenaline stopped flowing and I had a few minutes to think about it, I realized just how blessed I had been.

First, if I had NOT fallen, I likely would have stood up straight as the truck continued backing, having the thought that I did my job, and that's when the plow would have whacked me full throttle in the lower back. That I slipped was actually good luck, not bad luck.

Second, it may have occurred to you to question why I felt a need to mention my wife making a snow angel. When I slipped, I fell into the exact spot where she had made it. Had that impression not been made by her, my prone body would have been a few inches higher and the plow would probably have grabbed my leg and mangled it.

You can call it coincidence, or luck, or whatever you wish, but I know the truth. Not only do I have a guardian angel, but it appears I'm also married to one. If your story tops that, more power to you.

Soon, with more better stuff.