Sunday, October 29, 2017

Long Time, No Blog

By my count, it has been 20 days since I last posted here. I think that may be a record.

In the meantime, by a not-very-odd coincidence, the last time I had something published in the Boston Herald was also 20 days ago. This is because my editor decided she didn't want any of the other three pieces I submitted in the meantime.

She didn't diss me. She was rather nice about it and offered useful constructive criticism. She did NOT say, "You call this writing, Sullivan? Yes, there are words and punctuation - sometimes very oddly-placed punctuation - but the only place it would truly be appreciated is on the bottom of a birdcage."

As I say, she did NOT say that. AND she bought the piece you can now see by clicking onto The Handy Link Below.

The Handy Link Below.

I would have bought all of the pieces, but that's because I like everything I write. I would also have doubled... no, quadrupled my pay because... well, just because. So there.

Apparently, I've run out of useful things to say here, so you may as well go there. Here's Another Handy Link: Another Handy Link.

OK, I'm done for now. Thanks for stopping by. Here's hoping it won't another 20 days.

Soon (if it's not 20 days - or more!)


messymimi said...

Well said! It's amazing how if those opposing Obama had done such things during his administration, the same people screaming now would have had a field day letting them know how babyish they were.

My hope for you is that everything you write for the rest of the year gets bought by some publication!

Anonymous said...

I'm with messymimi--submit your pieces to other publications who can appreciate your unique honest messages with a large dose of humor as we do here. I loved this one--wish I could read the others that weren't accepted. Linda in Tn.

joeh said...

All of my children did this...once. We would completely ignore them, step over them while they kicked and screamed, talk about stuff to each other totally unrelated to the tantrum. We did not acknowledge the tantrum and they never threw a second. The purpose of a tantrum is to get attention and then get what you want. When it gets no attention it is defeated.

I propose all non-snowflakes gather where this screaming takes place and act as if nothing is happening. Talk on your cell phone, talk to each other, take pictures of buildings, anything except taking notice of the screaming. Ignoring the tantrum works for infants, perhaps it will even work for Liberals.

Craig said...

Jeez, haven't they been doing this for a year already?

It's really kinda disappointing. I mean, you can't hardly parody their behavior any more effectively than they're doing themselves. . .

See, and these are the folks who've been telling us for years how much smarter and more virtuous they are than the rest of us. But give 'em a 'C' on their exam, and it's an existential crisis. . .

Suldog said...

Mimi - As always, thank you for your kind wishes. God bless.

Linda - I may publish a couple here in the coming week. Stay tuned!

Joe - you may have a good plan of action, but I will be as far away from the Common on that day as is humanly possible (or, since I have no way of actually traveling to the Moon, I'll at least be staying home.)

Craig - Yeah, it's so true. Some of these people are all for freedom, so long as they get what they want and the people they whose views are opposed don't. I can't stand people who are vocal about freedom of speech only when they agree with what's being said.

Absolut Ruiness said...

You bring out the REAL chuckles Jim, the great!

Magazine Man said...

Twenty days between posts? Call me when you've gone four years (well, almost four years.)

But seriously, don't go four years between posts.